12 August 2008

Small State Conservatism?

One for you daily mail reading 'libertarians' out there, all voting for a Tory government to stop Tory councils spying on you and fining you for dumping your rubbish or for not picking up your dog's mess.

It seems the Tories want to scrap rules on having to get permission before they spy on you. You really are going to get what you asked for - you dimwits.


  1. Uh, libertarian tories?
    Does not compute. It's a bit like saying Labour voters are stalinists.

    Libertarians hate tories, and most likely vice versa.

  2. "daily mail reading libertarians"

    Where do you start with comment this inane? Does sneering "daily mail" normally work in your circles as a way to close a debate, Neil?

  3. anon: It is important to notice (as John B does in the DK comments) that I put quotes around 'libertarians'. I do not believe Tories are libertarians - that is my point!

    Thatcher came to power on a wave of 'small state conservatism' but after 18 years of Tories the state was still spending roughly the same percentage of GDP - 40% and we all know about how she poked into everyones lives - covert surveillance and harrassment of trade unionists and any other 'enemy within', abolishing local democracy , the ludicrous ban on Sinn Fein voices being broadcast (that increased their popularity). The extra powers for the police and police unrestrained racism, sexism and outright overt corruption. Thatcher wasted billions on unemployment, rising crime and social collapse as inequality spiralled and a corrupt unethical foreign policy. The state had to be 'strong' to enforce her policies against the people - culminating in inner city poverty riots and finally the poll tax riots in London - the worst for a century. That was Tory 'freedom'!

  4. I do not believe Tories are libertarians - that is my point!

    Glad you can make the distinction between Libertarians and the Tories.

    That said, some Libertarians will support the Tories - simply because they are ever so slightly more Libertarian that the Labour party. But it is whistling in the wind if you believe any one of the main parties truly believes in freedom.

  5. So Neil, yet more surveillance and rights for policemen. Sounds right up your street. You'll be voting Tory at the next election?

    Seriously, this just confirms that there is a gnat's difference in policy between Labour and Tory. You can bet that Labour will pledge to do the same.