09 August 2008

Millions Of Words Written, If Brown Could Enact One - Decisiveness, He Could Have Saved His Skin

I know, I know, this subject has been flogged to death - but yet I still find it fascinating - this is the future for...
our party and the country.

I just hope David Miliband makes it quick - he should forget about this 'the assassin doesn't get the job' stuff, that is for the Tories - they are very different animals.

Nah! Miliband should just get on with it - get the 71 MPs needed and announce your intention to stand against Brown - the membership I meet would love a contest. I am sure a majority would vote for one - there is little enthusiasm for Brown.

Now, I am not sure Miliband is the right person to lead Labour - I would prefer Alan Johnson or John Denham (because they support PR), but I reckon he would demolish Brown amongst the membership, the union block vote (I think) might back him as well. They must know we are heading for meltdown under Brown and won't fancy a huge Tory majority hitting their members where it hurts.

If Miliband takes over and the polls move in our direction - he should go for an October election - plenty of brave policies and go for it. If the polls don't move then we might be in for a slow demise (but under Brown that was inevitable anyway, so what have we lost).

Miliband might be thinking 18 months as PM and then I could be spent force, maybe in 5 years I could... 'If ifs and ands were pots and pans' - This is Miliband's chance, he has set the scene, if he doesn't show he has the cohones now, he never will get another chance. Who would pass up 18 months as PM - the PM has real power - if he plays this right he could be PM for years - otherwise the pathetic lightweight Cameron could doom us to more Tory barbarism.

The Tories used to have a load of one nation Tories but this is the generation of 'young conservatives' of the 1980s who thought it funny to have a manifesto with 'bomb Russia' in it. Guido Fawkes and his ilk - that is what Cameron and Osbourne will give us and it won't be pretty.

Labour have got themselves into a mess - but as Blair said 'the public may not like the wrong decision but one thing they can never forgive is no decision' and 'if we can't beat this lot [Cameron's Tories] we shouldn't be in the business of politics at all - lets get at them'. Brown has proved himself incapable of the task - we HAVE to get rid of him!


  1. "this is the future for our party and the country"

    Ahem. "The country"? England has been gradually developing into its present form for thousands of years, long before The Labour Party was formed, and will (EU notwithstanding) continue to exist for thousands of years after that party's demise.


    Again, ahem. It's spelled "Osborne", no "U".

    But, all in all, I agree that it would be splendiferous if The Millipede turfed out The Goblin King - then the next GE would be one upper crust, out of touch, cosseted, bansturbatory twat against another. Both called Dave.

  2. "he should forget about this 'the assassin doesn't get the job' stuff, that is for the Tories - they are very different animals."

    Neil, could you give me one example of a difference between modern versions of Labour and Conservative in terms of ...

    a) Ideology? (I mean a real ideology, not just border police vs tighter immigration nonsense)

    b) Funding sources?

    c) Campaigning - tactics, lobbying, propaganda, etc.?

    Just one of each would make my day.

    Denham was my local MP. He did do some good things but I was not happy when he voted for less transparency in the house and he only gave a text book response to my complaint about Thaksin's presence in the UK.