23 May 2009

Why Is David Cameron Defending Julie Kirkbride?

This is from wikipedia;
"On May 14th, 2009, her husband Andrew MacKay, the Conservative Member for Bracknell, resigned from his position as parliamentary aide to David Cameron, in the wake of the furore over Parliamentary expenses after what was described as an "unacceptable" expenses claim.

MacKay and Kirkbride own two homes: one in her constituency of Bromsgrove; and a flat close to Parliament in Westminster. In a case of so called "double-dipping," according to the Daily Telegraph, Mackay had used his Additional Costs Allowance to claim more than £1,000 a month in mortgage interest payments on their joint Westminster flat, while Kirkbride used her Additional Costs Allowance to claim over £900 a month on paying off the mortgage for their family home near her constituency. This means they effectively had no main home but two second homes – and were using public funds to pay for both of them. In 2008/9, MacKay claimed a total of £23,083 under Additional Costs Allowance, while Kirkbride claimed £22,575. They also claimed for each other's travel costs, with Kirkbride claiming £1,392 to meet spouse travel, while MacKay claimed £408."
So how is her husband guilty but not Julie Kirkbride when they both did exactly the same thing?

The plot thickens...
"On 10 November 2006, it was revealed that she had previously undisclosed links with the Midlands Industrial Council, which has donated millions of pounds to the Conservative Party".
Maybe she is just too valuable to the Tories.

Julie Kirkbride is homophobic (despite her ex-boyfriend), voted against a transparent parliament (what a surprise) and voted for the Iraq war. Here is her voting record. Do we really want these bunch of hypocritical Tory spongers ripping off the taxpayer and in our next government?

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  1. I once wrote to Julie Kirkbride when I was 16 to ask her to supposrt the repeal of section 28. She said she could not support the repeal. Only a homophobic, ignorant idiot could of think section 28 was a good thing. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that she goes. Sooner rather than later. I notice she was once in the shadow cabinet, but no longer. Have the front bench worked out what an idiot she is? I hope so.