24 May 2009

Is Gordon Brown A Tory Stooge?

I have thought this for a while. I mean Gordon is just so bad it is like he is a put up job from the Tories.

There must be plenty of infiltrators - think about it, it wouldn't be that difficult. Only 2 or 3 active members in each ward, around 30 or 40 a constituency, there easy could be 5 or 6 Tories running the show in each constituency.

So many decent left-wingers have left the party that the charlatans have taken over. Destroying democracy in the party and instilling Tory like policies. But worse acting so incompetently that the Tories don't seem that bad an option. It has definitely happened in Brighton and I can guess who the Tories are.

I mean it all makes sense, deny a definite election win in Autumn 2007 and waste £1.2m of party funds in the process. It will be confirmed for me if Gordon calls a general election this year when we are in a awful place in the polls. Moron Brown might just be a Tory. Even stuff he must know is bad he tries to defend. He has no humility - surely nobody is that bad.

But worse of all, the party has got so corrupted that Gordon Brown can become our leader and somehow stay there despite being obviously absolutely awful. At least we members are absolved of responsibilty since we were never given the vote of who our leader should be. What a joke!!


  1. Trooper Thompson26/5/09 7:26 am

    If you check the speeches he gives, he's not a stooge of the tories, but of the New World Order, in other words the banking cartel and the globalist institutions (e.g. OECD, WTO etc)

  2. TT: Can we agree that whatever he thinks he believes in (if anything) - he is not very good at it (whether on purpose or not).