23 May 2009

Cameron's Call For A General Election Is A Cynical Ploy To Take The Heat Off His MPs

David Cameron knows that Labour, currently 20 points behind in the opinion polls, indeed any party in that situation in government, would not call an early election so he can give out his populist call for one (backed by his new friend Murdoch).

But there might be a hint of panic in Cameron's call. Nobody knows how much more revelations are going to damage the Tories. Over 12 months voters will have a lot of time to hear about their Tory MPs misdemenours - as Labour deselects its culprits, Cameron would have to confront a lot of his own MPs and constituency associations that don't want to lose their cushy positions.

Currently about 30% of Tory MPs have been implicated and about 15% of Labour MPs (see lists below) the Tories potentially should have more to lose by this, but the press have managed to make Labour seem the main culprits.

Can you imagine Julie Kirkbride and Nadine Dorries faced by a drug dealer claiming it was circumstances that led them into crime - they would give them short shrift and their right-wing response would be to hand out a long prison sentence.

But when these hypocritical Tories were caught with their own hands in the till suddenly 'it's the system that made us fill our pockets with taxpayers money'. But there are plenty of MPs (maybe the majority) who didn't make outrageous claims. By their own right-wing Tory judgement Nadine Dorries and Julie Kirkbride and all the other piggish MPs should be behind bars. Any party and party leader who defends Kirkbride as Cameron and the Tories have closing ranks around her, deserve no seats at all, let alone to be in government.

Amen to that I hear a lot of you saying. So why are so many of you still voting Tory and going to deliver them a landslide? For Tories to still be on around 40% in opinion polls, you obviously cannot bring yourselves to disown your party whatever the provocation - which is why our system, with most MPs in seats for life, is so crap.

Go and vote UKIP or something if you want a load of right-wingers (although they are a bunch of crooks as well). Better still vote Green (especially in these PR Euro elections on June 4th where every vote will count) if you want to slam the main parties. Currently 54% of voters are still backing Labour and Tory in the Euros and even more for Westminster. What is wrong with you all?

Cameron is making people think a general election is the answer to a rotten parliament, but replacing one lot of Tory and New Labour frauds with a new generation of even more Tory frauds is no answer.

Have you noticed how it is all the new Labour and Tory MPs we on the left really despise who seem to be the worst culprits? - new Labour MPs who fiddled (so far)-

Douglas Alexander
Hilary Armstrong
Ian Austin
Vera Baird QC
Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper
Margaret Beckett
Tony Blair
Hazel Blears
Ben Bradshaw
Kevin Brennan
Gordon Brown
Nick Brown
Chris Bryant
Andy Burnham
Dawn Butler
Stephen Byers
Ben Chapman
David Chaytor
David Clelland
Tam Dalyell
Alistair Darling
Ian Davidson
Natascha Engel
Caroline Flint
Barbara Follett
Barry Gardiner
Ian Gibson
Geoff Hoon
Phil Hope
Diana Johnson
Gerald Kaufman
Alan and Ann Keen
Ruth Kelly
Fraser Kemp
Mark Lazarowicz
Shahid Malik
Lord Mandelson
Sarah McCarthy-Fry
Steve McCabe
Ian McCartney
David Miliband
Madeleine Moon
Margaret Moran
Elliot Morley
George Mudie
Paul Murphy
John Prescott
James Purnell
John Reid
Jack Straw
Kitty Ussher
Keith Vaz
Claire Ward
Shaun Woodward
Phil Woolas
Ian Wright and Tom Watson

Tory MPs who fiddled (so far) -

Michael Ancram
James Arbuthnot
Greg Barker
John Bercow
Sir Paul Beresford
Alistair Burt
David Cameron
Ken Clarke
Stephen Crabb
David Davis
Nadine Dorries
Alan Duncan
Michael Fallon
Cheryl Gillan
Michael Gove
James Gray
Chris Grayling
John Gummer
Alan Haselhurst
David Heathcoat-Amory
Nick Herbert
Douglas Hogg
Stewart Jackson
Andrew Lansley
Julian Lewis
Oliver Letwin
David Lidington
Peter Luff
Andrew MacKay
David Maclean
Anne Main
John Maples
Francis Maude
Patrick McLoughlin
George Osborne
John Redwood
Keith Simpson
Michael Spicer
Anthony Steen
Robert Syms
Ed Vaizey
Sir Peter Viggers
Theresa Villiers
Bill Wiggin
David Willetts
Sir George Young

They should all go!

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