22 May 2009

Vote Match Europe Launched

Its fun and its over on the Unlock Democracy site or just click above. Find out who you should vote for in the European Elections on June 4th. As the Labour Campaign For Electoral Reform puts it;
"We are just about to vote in an election where EVERY VOTE WILL COUNT. It will count for the party you vote for. It will count for the way the European parliament operates and what policies it influences. It will COUNT AGAINST the far right (assuming you don't vote BNP). In a proportional system, turnout counts and therefore votes count" (the BNP need 9% in the NorthWest and over 10% (approx) elsewhere to elect MEPs)
As Lewis Baston at the Electoral Reform Society puts it;
"The BNP missed a seat in the North West by 0.4% in 2004. While the threshold is higher this time because there are fewer seats, 8 rather than 9, they should be able to win a seat with something like 8-10% of the vote depending on how the vote falls between the major and minor parties. This is their best chance, being a region with lots of seats, hence more chance for minor parties and a significant BNP vote. I would guess they need 10% or so in their other strong regions, Yorkshire & Humber and the West Midlands, less in London and the South East, although their vote is lower in these regions. The BNPs maximum showing could be 5, which would be alarming. I would not rule out 0 either which would be reassuring. A lot depends on turnout, and frankly on the luck of the draw with how the vote is split between the other parties"
Currently the BNP are on 7% nationally in opinion polls, heres hoping that is not enough for seats.

Out of interest, my results on VoteMatch were as follows;

Green Party 51 out of 73
Lib Dems 49/73
Libertas 48/73
Jury team 44/73
Labour 42/73
Conservatives 29/73
UKIP 15/73

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