08 April 2009

Police - Finally Caught On Camera Lying Through Their Teeth!

What gets me is that there are still some commenters willing to defend the police after this incident and the police's outright lies - they have been caught red handed - funny no mainstream tv or right-wing rag seem interested in reporting the story (imagine if some anarchist had beaten up a policeman - would have been repeated on news shows and front pages for weeks).

First the police make out they helped Tomlinson (who later collapsed and died) and that the crowd had thrown missiles at medics helping him, a claim they later withdraw - now we have video evidence of them needlessly hitting the guy and pushing him to the ground - and still this is not concrete enough evidence for some people (see comments to pickled politics post) of police wrongdoing.

Remember the propaganda put out about the De-Menezes death - that he was carrying a rucksack, running away from police etc. - none of it in the least bit true. Then the CCTV mysteriously goes missing or is deemed inconclusive. This case would have headed the same way no doubt under the 'investigation' of the 'independent' police complaints authority.

Don't be surprised if no police officer is charged for this, the De-Menezes case shows that they can get away with murder because they are still above the law, even when caught red handed and lying through the teeth contradicting dozens of witness evidence and now maybe even video evidence as well. Maybe things were worse decades ago (I have heard stories from decent people beaten up by police that I found unbelievable at the time but now think are probably true) - but it seems they can still beat people up and get away with it. They are above the law.


  1. Good morning, Mr Harding. I seldom agree with your blog though do enjoy it. On this occasion, however, we agree absolutely. http://comptonvalence.blogspot.com/2009/04/working-together-for-safer-london.html

  2. Glad we can agree on something Sir. Just for a moment I thought you were an inspector about to read me my rights for dissing the police, what with your titled moniker.

  3. Are you the Neil Harding who wanted us all to place our DNA on a database for these gentlemen.

    These people are as much New Labours as they were Thatchers.

    It's nice to see that you are now getting the point.

  4. wg: The problem is not the DNA database (or any other database for that matter) - the problem is the selective nature of its use and the asymetrical control. I still believe it would be safer if everyone were on the database and that it was available for all to see on the internet. At the moment it is left to the police to decide who they put on it and this tends to be prejudiced against certain groups (as indeed is the criminal justice system as a whole). As always it is the most vulnerbale and poorest that get it in the neck.