11 April 2009

Unemployment to peak at 2.2m.

Yes, you heard me right - the claimant count will peak at 2.2m. Lets remember that the claimant count was 3.4m under the Tories. So the worst recession the world has ever seen is going to leave Labour run UK with less than 2/3 of the unemployment that the Tories managed to inflict TWICE on us with their two recessions. So what is all this talk of 3m unemployed mentioned in the media? This is the labour force survey that the Tories conveniently never published (or collected to ILO international standards) because it would have been 5m plus! Please, please remember this point - it is very important. People are going to see the LRS figures and mistakenly assume unemployment is as bad now as the Tory years. IT ISN'T!!!


  1. lifeonmars11/4/09 8:23 pm

    Good to get such an authoritative glimpse into the future...

  2. Basically, the proof is in the pudding. Look back at this post next year and see if I am right.

    I wrote well before the recession started that UK debt would cause recession, that our economy was built on sand, that we imported far too much - we still do. I predict there is worse to come, unfortunately probably under the Etonian party who will make things worse for those of us not fortunate enough to have vast wealth.

  3. Neil, unemployment is already five million in the UK so this is not a forecast.

    Labour has created millions of non-jobs in the public sector whilst untold millions make do the better benefits available for those "unable" to work!!

  4. snafu, come on it was the Tories that hid 2m people on incapacity benefit. Admittedly this figure hasn't gone diwn much , but it was your right wing friends who made welfare a way of life for millions