17 April 2008

Whatever Happened To David Aaronovitch?

Since his move to the Times (to take the Murdoch shilling) his writing has been getting more and more infrequent, irrelevant and now seems to have stopped altogether (in January).

Like the Euston Manifesto demise, its not as if I miss his 'muscular liberalism' but he did write decent articles in defence of new Labour against the media misinformation onslaught.

I wonder, was Murdoch's 'purchase' of Aaronovitch from the Guardian group, a typical case of market dominance suppressing a feisty opposition? A bit like the top four Premier teams buying any decent players from lower down the order and sticking them in their reserves - thereby preventing any challenge. Now if only Nick Cohen would piss off into obscurity I would be happy. Surely if anyone deserves the Murdoch shilling for helping the Tory cause, Nick does.


  1. You're right that Aaronovitch is one of the best defenders of the government in the media. But I must admit, I've not been aware of his disappearing off the radar. I certainly hope he hasn't because his thoughtful perspective is more essential then ever these days.

  2. Tom: It seems I have jumped the gun somewhat - just found this article by him - it is just his blog that has gone quiet.

  3. Aaronovitch is the John Junor of the Labour party. A propagandist and a hack. But I would have thought that Brown is beyond his ability to paint in a positive light.