17 April 2008

Boris Johnson - Child Murderer.

The name of this blog scares the hell out of me - but it does hit the nail on the head about Boris's 'rephasing of traffic lights' - i.e. giving people less time to avoid being killed on the roads. Ken has saved 500 kiddies lives by giving us all an extra 2 seconds to cross the road, Boris thinks this is bad sport to stop people driving fast.

Boris (and his loyal pet the Evening (Low) Standard) is currently scaring the living shit out of everyone in London about the 27 deaths related to teen gang warfare and somehow trying to blame the Mayor for this. What exactly Boris would or could do about this remains a mystery and as Tory Troll points out Boris's hypocrisy in accusing Ken of 'playing with people's lives' is beyond belief.

But there you have it - currently a large number of people are fooled into not voting for Ken or even worse voting for Boris Idiot. Surely even Tories care about the 500 children Boris is going to kill, well some of them at least must, surely?

PDF also understands satire.


  1. Maybe you should vent your anger at the Ken's congestion charge that's trying to increase the average speed of traffic around London by freeing up the roads from congestion.

  2. You twisted bastards, do you even live in the real world?

  3. Anon: Boris Johnson has no policies and no idea how to reduce teen murders. In fact he even opposes Ken's proposal to put money into youth services to get kids off the street.

    His team led by attack 'dog whistle' Lynton Crosby are exploiting the politics of fear to the full, yet a proposal where the Mayor actually can save lives - i.e giving pedestrians more time to cross the road, is opposed by the Tories.

    Road deaths are the biggest killer of children under 10, and Boris is ready to see 500 children die. It is you Tories who are sick.