30 April 2008

Make Your London Mayor Vote Count.

Tomorrow London decides its future. With every poll showing Ken and Boris at least 25% ahead of their nearest rival, it is fairly certain that they will be in the final run-off (it is unlikely either can win over 50% of first preferences so there will almost certainly be a run-off).

So use your first preference for whomever you like, but if you want to make your vote count and you have not chosen Ken or Boris for your first preference then choose either Ken or Boris for your second preference. Basically make a choice between the two candidates who can win.

If you make your choice on policies, then I am confident you will see that Ken is streets ahead.

Whether it is diversity, equality, the environment, transport, affordable housing, a living wage, the war in Iraq - Ken has always been on the right side of the argument.

Boris has managed to offend black people, gay people, muslims, environmentalists and peace campaigners with his reactionary views. He not only voted for the war, he still supports it and campaigned for George W Bush. He opposes...
Kyoto and the congestion charge and will put Tories who want to scrap free travel for pensioners, children, disabled and students in charge of transport. He likens gay marriage to a union between '3 men and a dog'. Is this the sort of person to represent London?

If you make your choice on honesty and competence, then once again Ken is by far the most trustworthy and reliable.

The only reason Boris is still in this campaign is that the Evening Standard (ES) has used its many billboards around London as free advertising for Boris's campaign for over 4 months. This must have been worth millions in advertising for Boris and makes a mockery of free elections and democracy.

In 13 years of Ken running London, all the ES have found is that 0.07% of the LDA budget 'might' have been misused or misappropriated. Anyone who has run a large organisation knows this is a good record not a bad one.

No-one in the know, thinks Ken is sleazy or corrupt - it is an absurd accusation about someone who has devoted his life to London and knows more about the details of ordinary Londoners lives than anyone else.

If this is all the ES can find on him, he must be one of the cleanest politicians going. But because the ES has put smearing headlines on its billboards day after day for months, mud sticks - whether true or not (if you believed the ES you would think Ken in league with terrorists).

Whereas Boris has a record of corruption and sleaze, despite never running anything of real worth. He has offered addresses of journalists to corrupt friends so they can be beaten up, and been sacked for lying and plaguerism.

Boris has been unremittingly negative because he has nothing to offer London. He has u-turned on so many positions it is difficult to keep track. His policies are a shambles - his flagship policy on routemasters is the best example - costly and unworkable.

If the majority of Londoners turn out tomorrow and vote on whether they want a cleaner, fairer and more efficient London, then Ken will win in a landslide. If however, enough are put off by the Evening Standard lies and their dodgy internet polls, Boris might just sneak it. The latest respected polls show Ken ahead. Go out tomorrow and don't let negative campaigning, distortion and lies win. Vote for Ken.

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  1. "If you make your choice on honesty and competence, then once again Ken is by far the most trustworthy and reliable."

    Pull the other one, you cannot expect anyone to believe that Ken is not corrupt.

    I highly recommend this from Diamond Geezer: http://tinyurl.com/5lpsej