29 April 2008

Nazi Press F*** Off.

On Thursdays, Londoners have the opportunity to tell the Daily Mail Group, the Sun and the rest of the Tory establishment conspiracy to F*** Off.

Who do pensioners trust with the Freedom Pass?
Ken who introduced and extended it, or Tories who call it a STEALTH TAX.

Ditto...free travel for under 18s and the unemployed.

Who do people trust with the environment?
Ken who has moved people from their cars to public transport and cycling, or Boris who opposed the Kyoto treaty, wants to build more airports, opposed the congestion charge and the new charge on gas guzzlers and the rest of his Tory mob who have fought every sensible measure to improve the environment for Londoners.

Who do people trust with £39bn of public transport investment over the next four years?
The Tories who pay themselves massive salaries for part-time work at our expense, or Ken who has turned around public transport from terminal decline.

Who do people trust to build more affordable houses now the Mayor has the power?
Ken who aims for 50% affordable housing or Boris who aims for none.

Ken has won on points every debate going (it is difficult to knock out an opponent who is running around the ring), but few people see these debates, they do however see the lies in the Tory press A boards across London. The Tories nad Boris are trying to lie their way to victory, denying positions they held just months ago and claiming Ken's policies as their own. Do you trust people like this? They are still the party of Michael Howard and his disgusting dog whistle campaigner Lynton Crosby.

Who do people really trust?
Ken who has defended every minority against attack or Boris and the Daily Mail group who supported the Nazis.

It is your choice. If you think these things matter then you had better vote, do you really want to find out these truths after the election with Boris as Mayor?


  1. Labour shouldn't flatter themselves. Only the Lib Dems can really defeat the Scum and the Daily Hell. Forever.

  2. If Ken "defends every minority", who represents the majority?

    I thought we lived in a democracy where government should reflect the views of the majority should rather than the sel-serving views of vocal minorities.

  3. "If Ken 'defends every minority', who represents the majority?" (Snafu)

    This is a false dichotomy. The majority is made up of a collection of minorities. Everybody is part of some minority or other. Most of us belong to several minorities.

  4. More on Boris Johnson's plans: transport industry professionals describe them as "not thought through" and "a non-starter". See my blog.