09 April 2008

Ken was too 'nice' in Newsnight debate.

The format didn't suit Ken. There was too little time allowed for answers and it descended into a playground shouting match. Paxman just plays the idiot nowadays. Boris got away with murder. He accused Ken of everything under the sun while coming under virtually no scrutiny himself. Paxman focussed on Ken's alleged maladministration, which is all hearsay and nothing to do with Ken personally but there was no mention of the real corruption and lies of Boris - beating up journalists and making up figures he can't substantiate. It was ridiculous that Ken was repeatedly asked if he could be trusted, when he was the only one to give straight answers to questions while Paddick sat on the fence so much it split him in half and Boris couldn't even give figures for his own ideas. It is ironic that the Lib Dems campaign so much for PR and then state boldly they wouldn't use their second preference - ridiculous!

Ken needs to get nastier and I hope he is given more time to speak during the other debates, especially Question Time on the 24th.


  1. Paddick strongly out performed Boris and Ken looked foolish and desperate. Brian Paddick is a strong candidate and performed extremely well.

    You have an odd logic though. In one post you ask for liberals to vote for Ken (which we won't, especially as it is you who is asking and we all hate you with your nasty and foul track record even more than we hate Ken Livingstone), in the next you slate the Lib Dem candidate, even though you want his second preferences. Hardly a way to win votes dear boy.

    You need to be less agressive if you want poeple to vote as you say.

  2. I'll try to get a copy of this on line. I want to see it.

  3. Anon, Brian Paddick is hardly a Lib Dem anyway, but his position on the £25 gas guzzler charge and in not being able to say who is second preference is, looks anti-environment and weak.

    Tribal Lib Dems like you may not like me for pointing this out, but you are not the people I am trying to persuade. I am trying to persuade true liberals who want to see the environment improved. Just as the Lib Dem vote has collapsed in Brighton and all their support gone to the Greens, liberals should support Ken in London if they want a better environment.

  4. Just out of curiousity, why do you keep banging on about Boris beating up journalists when you must know, (if you have looked into this at all), that your claim is untrue?

  5. Of coruse Brian Paddick is a Lib Dem. Its not for you to tell others what party they are in or what they believe.

    And as for trifles, no-one is more trifle than you.

    And no true liberal would tell soemone how to vote.

  6. They must be pretty crap at canvassing, then.