10 April 2008

If Elected, Boris Will Soon Have Blood On His Hands.

Fast forward to 2009...

Boris comments on the increase in London road deaths, the increased congestion and pollution and decreased bus and cycle use;

"The people of London elected me to 'rephase traffic lights' so as to increase 'traffic flow'(at the expense of pedestrians - disabled and the elderly), contract the congestion charge zone and reduce its effectiveness, scrap the low emission zone, reject the £25 emissions charge, reject 20mph zones, reject the cycle routeways, allow motorcycles in bus lanes (knocking over cyclists) and spend an indeterminate amount of the transport budget on a new routemaster (despite bendy buses being more cost effective and safer)"
Boris comments on President McCain's invasion of Iran;
"I understand that Londoners oppose this, but it is only right that as Mayor I give my full backing to the US led drive to 'bring democracy to Iran'"
Boris comments on the rise in youth murders;
"It is not my fault (but it was when Ken was Mayor). It is essential that people get value for money from their council tax, which is why I have been advised by my fellow Tories on the GLA to streamline (i.e cut) police numbers and reject Ken's madcap scheme to spend £78m on youth centres"
I have no doubt that the people of London do not want Boris ruining £39bn of transport expenditure over the next four years with his total lack of knowledge and bumbling incoherence, shaming their City abroad with distasteful 'Enoch Powell' language and giving tasty planning permission and grants to his city developer chums at the expense of people in real need.

Boris is a joke on crime - he talks in emotive language but his policies are a sham. Ken wants to spend £78m that will help kids off the streets and out of gangs but Boris rejects this, his fellow Tories always vote against increasing police numbers and he has no other policies.

Boris is beyond parody on the environment - he talks of planting 10,000 trees but Ken already plants more than this, he talks of the low recycling rates but this is because of the Tory boroughs blocking Ken's plans (The Mayor has no power over recycling). Boris's hostility to pedestrians and the disabled means he will kill far more of them and his hostility to the environment means the increased traffic and pollution will mean even more people will die of respiratory diseases. This makes his so called 'concern' for life lost look the falsity it is. Vote for Ken.

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  1. Invading Iran, Iraq or anywhere else has sod all to do with the Mayor of London, whatever his political persuasion.

    He may speak as a private citizen, but in his official capacity, should confine himself to London's issues.