08 April 2008

Ken v Boris On Newsnight Tonight.

Via StopBoris I learn that amongst the mayor debates coming up there is Newsnight tonight as well as Question Time on the 24th. I am a bit slow off the mark on this. Could be very interesting tonight. Pity there is no Sian Berry to emphasise what a disaster Boris is on environmental issues.

When you consider the amount of dirt being shamelessly thrown at Ken, it is beyond parody that Boris is currently claiming (on the front page of the Torygraph) to be a victim of dirty tricks. I imagine this is a tactic of Lynton Crosby (the Aussie that ran the subliminally racist 'are you thinking' campaign for the Tories in the 2005 general election). Fearing the low level of honesty in the Tory campaign to be its achiles heel, it makes sense to get an accusation in first, no matter how untrue (only Boris could claim his own words are smears and keep a straight face). Clever stuff!

Ken has made an official complaint about the bias in the latest YouGov polls for the Evening Standard. It seems in December they had only 24% over 55s in their surveys, now it is 38%, coupled with less ethnic minorities this is bound to give a bigger lead for Boris. It seems we won't find out the truth until polling day, but these YouGov polls alone could boost Boris, if Ken supporters are put off.

Biggest laugh of the week came at the Time Out hustings. In reply to Brian Paddick moaning about a lack of coverage, Ken stated 'YOU CAN HAVE ALL MY EVENING STANDARD COVERAGE IF YOU WANT IT'. Don't expect that to make 'quote of the week' in the fascist supporting paper though!

Which brings me to Steve Bell's cartoon ; excellent!


  1. Neil do you mean they will be going head to head? That would be especially entertaining given their different personalities.

  2. Yeah, that would be great, but unfortunately jeremy paxman and brian nobody of the Lib Dems are going to be there as well. Still should be pretty good though. It will be on bbc iplayer for seven days if you miss it at 10.30 tonight.