10 April 2008

Livingstone Ahead In Latest Poll.

The StopBoris blog has a roundup of reaction to the Newsnight debate. Even Tories seem to be discontented with Boris's performance.

But best news of all, is this Ipsos Mori Poll showing Livingstone moving ahead.

That is two reputable polling companies showing the race neck and neck - which has to make us very suspicious of YouGov giving Johnson a 13 point lead.


  1. Hilary Wade10/4/08 5:12 pm

    However, according to this month's Scientific American, political betting futures are more accurate than opinion polls.

  2. Three weeks ago, political betting was showing Ken 2/1 on and Boris 2/1 against. They tend to exagerate and wildly fluctuate and anyhow follow polls but with a time lag. If we have another poll showing Livingstone moving further ahead - see where the betting moves then.

    The trouble overall with political betting sites is that they entrench positions and trivialise elections.

  3. Hilary Wade11/4/08 9:33 am

    I think arguments of this sort were made against the people who did the original study, as reported in the magazine. To some extent they do address them. It's an interesting article.