13 September 2007

Maddy Fund Should Go To Children's Charities.

It has been stated that the McCanns will not use the 'Maddy appeal fund' to pay their legal bills. But what about their accomodation? What about their PR advisers? What about the hire cars and travel expenses? It would be ironic indeed if the hire car allegedly used to move Madeleine's dead body was funded by public donations.

The trustees of the fund confirmed that although legally there was nothing to stop the McCanns, trust money would not be made available for their legal expenses. The McCann's made a pre-emptive statement just before this by arrogantly stating that 'although 90% of people might be happy with the money being used in this way, 10% might not'. Too right and I would imagine it would be a damn sight higher than 10%!!....

It sounds to me as though the McCanns made an approach for the money to pay legal bills and the trustees resisted (hence the mention by the trustees that they were legally not able to stop the McCanns). In the end the McCanns were probably persuaded that the hostility to them using the fund would have been too much and anyway they can indirectly fund their legal bills by using the fund to pay for travel, PR, accomodation etc. Maybe this is why their PR spokesperson has suddenly resigned. Maybe she didn't realise what she was getting herself into and started to feel uncomfortable at the whole situation.

A number of other things about this case absolutely amaze me. Why have the McCanns got possession of the hire car? Why did the police not confiscate diaries, laptops and other potential evidence before? Surely allowing time to go by like this has ruined evidence. It just shows how much trust the McCanns managed to engender. If they are guilty, they have made fools of many people.

(By the way, loved the 'Cops Want Cuddle Cat' headline in the Sun. They must have been ecstatic at being able to use such a Sunday Sport type headline and actually it making sense).

At the end of the day, surely the moral of this whole affair is - you explore every avenue from the start. The McCanns' status, religion and photogenic good looks, stifled any suspicions people might have reasonably had about their flimsy story right from the start and perhaps has enabled them to get away with a crime that manipulated the media to the full.

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  1. It appears the approach to the fund was a PR stunt, possibly timed to coincide with the trip to the park and the pictures in the Punch and Judy booth, as in May they established a fund for the payment of legal fees.

    But the question of money is all rather murky as it applies to the McCann's and the various funds.