13 September 2007

20+ Reasons to Hate Boris Johnson (And Certainly Don't Vote for the Nasty Git).

1. He calls Black African children 'piccaninies'.
2. ..And according to him, Black Africans have 'water melon smiles'.
3. Boris saw nothing wrong in having the disgraced Tory councillor and former PPC Eleanor Bland's emailed racist poem on his website. He quietly removed it when the scandal broke.
"The poem, written in pigeon English, refers to immigrants milking the welfare benefits system before inviting their friends from their home country to join them and take over an area after white neighbours move out. Beneath the text on the email was a cartoon picture of the white cliffs of Dover with the words “P*** off - we're full!” scrawled across them".
4. He...
opposed the recommendations of the Stephen Lawrence enquiry.
5. He wants to stop all funding of anti-racist initiatives.
6. He wants colonial rule to return to Africa (no seriously!).
7. He refers to Nelson Mandela disdainfully as the 'sainted one'.
8. He stereotypes black residents as 'benefit spongers who disrespect old (presumably white) ladies and metaphorically “piss” on Britain'.
9. He admits to being prejudiced against young black males 'on the basis of right-wing press reports'.
10. He thinks 'racism' is natural.
11. He refers to 'Papua New Guinea style orgies of canabilism and chief killing' and means it!

12. He wants the London bus system (which is enjoying unprecendented growth in users against the national trend) to use the system of bus contracts that created the decline in the rest of the country.
13. He did not bother to vote for Crossrail (London's East-West rail link) in parliament.
14. He did not vote to support the Freedom Pass for older residents.
15. He supported the PPP for the tube which has led to the Metronet collapse and said Ken Livingstone was engaging in 'ideological warfare' by opposing the PPP.
16. He wants to scrap the 50% affordable housing scheme in London.
17. He advocates that the public intervene against yobs yet 'when approached by Darius Guppy, a person later convicted of fraud, to aid in the beating up of a journalist - Stuart Collier - Boris Johnson failed to report this to the police, discussed how badly the journalist would be beaten and agreed to supply his address. Can he explain how anyone who did this can present themselves as a candidate in favour of law and order in London?' [this was all caught on tape].
18. He opposed the congestion charge.
19. He opposed the Kyoto Treaty on climate change.
20. He derides renewable energy.
21. He is silent on whether 4x4s and other high emitting cars should pay £25 as Livingstone is proposing.
22. He supported the Iraq War - ‘That is the best case for Bush; that, among other things, he liberated Iraq. It is good enough for me.’ (Daily Telegraph 26
February 2004).
23. He supports George W Bush - ‘Not only did I want Bush to win, but we threw the entire weight of The Spectator behind him.’ (Have I Got Views for You
24. He supported the anti gay and lesbian section 28.

25. He opposed the National Minimum Wage.
26. He opposed pension rights for part time workers.
27. He was sacked from the Times for inventing a quotation.
28. He pretended to support the SDP to get elected to the Oxford Student Union.
29. He supports fox and stag hunting.
30. He opposes the smoking ban.
31. He is a fan of Silvio Belusconi.
32. He opposes devolution for Scotland and Wales (and presumably London).
33. He is the most right-wing Thatcherite ever to stand in a London election.
34. He was (with David Cameron) a member of the Bullingdon drinking club that trashed establishments for 'fun'.

1-11 from Black Information Link
12-24 from Ken Livingstone article on Comment is Free.
25-34 from politics.co.uk and Compass (pdf)

London has a budget of over £10bn and cannot afford a bumbling idiot like Boris running it who makes mistakes by the bucketload and constantly has to backtrack and apologise over his gaffes and u-turn on his errors. The cost to London would be too great. Boris is not nice at all - he is in fact quite a nasty individual so hopefully this 'cult of personality' the right-wing media have so carefully crafted for him will not be enough. I am confidant that Ken Livingstone will see him off once people get to hear Boris's policies but I do fear a big brother style campaign in the media trying to concentrate on celebrity and hiding his disastrous policies. That is Boris's chance of being elected - lets hope for the sake of democracy he fails.


  1. This is all rather puerile and says as much about your prejudices as it does those of Johnson.

    You would do well to remember that not every Brit ascribes to the intolerant tolerance and fascistic devotion to political correctness which you do.

    I am no fan of Boris, and whilst references to picaninees may be cringeworthy evidence of bias - I am not convinced they are worthy of your five minute hate.


  2. 7. He refers to Nelson Mandela disdainfully as the 'sainted one'.

    That's actually fair comment. Yes, Mandela is a successful freedom fighter, and there's no doubt that he is a good man - better than most - but he is often treated as though he is completely without fault, and all of his utterances are infallible.

    He has earned himself a high reputation - there's no need for it to be overblown.

    10. He thinks 'racism' is natural.

    I think it is. There is a natural predisposition for people to favour "people like them" over "people not like them". Most people naturally tend to want to associate with people with similar backgrounds, similar outlooks on life, similar cultures and so on. Sometimes, that becomes racist. "Natural" doesn't mean the same as "good", you know.

    21. He is silent on whether 4x4s and other high emitting cars should pay £25 as Livingstone is proposing.

    Of course they shouldn't. Tax the pollution, not the car. If you actually care about the environment (rather than being a class warrior in a green coat), the thing you need to tax is petrol. A 4x4 sitting in a garage doesn't make emissions. A baby Fiat on the school run does.

  3. He said that the renationalisation of Network Rail was like Robert Mugabe's rule of Zimbabwe.

  4. Well, Neil, while Cleanthes, Longrider and I plan our next full-frontal attack, let me just point out that I live in Greater London, and, short of UKIP putting up a candidate, will vote Johnson anyway just to spite people like you, who don't live in Greater London.

    For sure, Red Ken has also made totally crude remarks about Jews, concentration camp guards and so on. Doesn't put me off voting for him. But this sort of filth does.


  5. I suppose you are entitled to you opinion. It is a free country, but if people like you get your way then it wont be for long.

    I was recently called "a piece of white shit" by an Asian, so I feel justified in calling him a "coon"; but of course by your rules I can't, but he can call me what he likes and the PC crowd turn a deaf ear.

    Boris calls a spade a spade, and so he should be able to just that without being got at by people like you.

  6. Meantime Gordy welcomes Mrs Thatcher to tea - I notice you haven't mentioned that one Neil.

  7. Urko: Funnily enough I was going to use that pic of Brown and Thatcher and title it; 'Did He Really Have To Do This?' You must know I am no fan of GB. His constitutional conversation is flat without PR, and expect me to continue to criticise his handling of the economy and his PPPs, as I have done in the past.

  8. Pontilius: Boris emphasises manners and respect as important but in rejecting being PC he becomes the most rude arrogant person about. But more dangerously than this - he sides with the bigots and racists, he does little research and is proud of it and when he is wrong (as he too often is) he tries to shrug it off as a bit of a joke. He would be a disaster for London and he would waste billions of pounds and that would be no joke.

  9. Mark, as you are a True Blue Tory through and through. Why I am not surprised when you say you will vote for them.

  10. Sam; If a liberal referred to Mandela disdainfully and brought up his terrorist past - that would be fair. But when it comes from someone with Boris's views on social and racial justice - it is clear it is just sour grapes that Mandela didn't fit his 'Black Tyranny Rule' stereotype. Boris is a nasty man.

  11. 1. So you would rather him call them what? Niggers, coons, blacks just what is acceptable these days?

    3. I thought the poem was funny as fuck, really enjoyed it. People who see the truth in humour usually appreciate it, and lets face it this country is full!

    5.I think that all anti racist laws should be abolished, discrimination is discrimination, and positive discrimination is worse!

    6. With idiots like Mugabi in charge, and the state of the country one can really see why.

    8, Statistics back him up on this though dont they?

    10. Racism is really natural, you think the wilderbeest sits down with the lion?

    Not from lndon so can't comment on most of the others.

    18. I oppose the congestion charge, is a fucking liberty and a piss take, the roads are ours all paid for via the road fund licence, and to charge is immoral.

    19. Climate change is utter bollocks.

    22. So did the majority of politicians after listening to the lies told by NuLiebour!!

  12. Neil, what makes you think I am a 'True blue Tory'?

    Far from it, I am a rabid libertarian, and for lack of a true libertarian party, I will go for the next best thing, i.e. UKIP.

    Also, what lfb-uk says.

  13. Mark: Aren't UKIP just right-wing Tories?

  14. Neil,

    No, they aren't.

    Some of the membership are, true: however, people like myself and Mark (and the majority of those currently formulating policy in UKIP) are, in fact, libertarians, i.e. both socially and economically liberal.

    The real difference here is that, whilst usually economically liberal, Tories tend to be socially authoritarian.


  15. TO be honest racism is natural and not just among white, middle class individuals. While working for my father I was informed by an Asian co worker (male) that asian girls were for marrying and treating with respect but white girls were for a quick screw. He also called me a 'honky bitch'. Or is that acceptable to you because he is of a minority race? Should I not mind? Also 4x4s shouldn't be taxed more heavily just because they are 4x4s. A brand new Range Rover chucks out less pollution than a 15 year old Datsun Sunny so why should it pay more pollution tax? Doesn't make sense.

  16. Vicola: Racism is learned behaviour. Nursery and primary school kids mix easily - it is only as they adopt their parents prejudices that they separate.

    Of course racism exists amongst all groups but do remember that most positions of power are held by white males (which means their racism is generally more damaging). No more morally wrong of course - just more dangerous.

    You are trying to justify racism for whites by using examples of racism in other ethnic groups. Both are wrong.

    On the pollution question - you forget that the Range Rover will be around for a long time and a 15 year old Range Rover will put out more pollution than a 15 year old much lower emission car that could have been bought instead. So it does make perfect sense to target 4x4s in terms of emissions. Every low emission car that is bought will stay lower emission for its lifetime. Every higher emission car will equally be causing more pollution for its lifetime. The more lower emission cars that are bought the better. There is no reason to have a 4x4 in London other han vanity. It is also irresponsible to have such a car because they are more dangerous in an accident. They are much more likely to kill (especially children).

  17. DK, Nigel Farage (Ex Tory) says he wants UKIP to be 'a free market party broadly standing for traditional conservative values'.

    'traditional conservative values' = 'true blue Tory' in my book.

    I would suggest that there are plenty of authoritarian Tories in UKIP. The main reason for defection from the Tories to UKIP is its anti-EU stance.

    I wish you luck in your endeavors and under our present electoral system any minor party needs all the help it can get. I mean realistically (as I know you oppose PR) how far do you think UKIP can get in the next 20 years under FPTP? I predict you will not win a single seat at Westminster without PR. The most you can be is a thorn in the side of the Tories (so I wish you success in that in the sense that splitting the Tory vote helps Labour).

  18. 1. And?
    2. Christ you are loathsome. And?
    3. See above. I don’t know the poem, but many people don’t like the idea of benefit-driven immigration and, furthermore, aren’t terrified of pat accusations of “racism” as a result of saying so. A poem that sums this up? So what?
    4. This is a reason *not* to vote for him?
    5. “All funding” or merely “all compulsory funding” through the state?
    6. First, this is slightly irrelevant as he is running for local government. Second, it’s arguable that some African countries’ systems of governance aren’t all that great.
    7. And?
    8. I’m highly suspicious that you’re not effectively lying by way of a misquote. Can we have the full quote, please?
    9. You’d prefer his honesty to your self-delusion?
    10. And?
    11. You are so pathetic. And?
    12. You neglect to mention the fact it’s also “enjoying unprecedented financial haemorrhage” to match the growth in users. Why?
    13. Wow – something which actually deserves a proper investigation. Have you found out if there was a reason he couldn’t vote? Bearing in mind his priority at the time was to the people of Henley, not London.
    14. If you are feeling generous and want to donate your money to buy bus passes to some favoured group or other, feel free to set up a charity. Why is it necessary to use violence to achieve your ends?
    15. I agree, PPP isn’t great. It’s the management of the tube which would most benefit from private control, not the financing.
    16. Only 50% affordable housing? All homes should be affordable! But won’t developers go bust if only 50% are affordable and the rest remain unsold?
    17. I don’t know anything about this, but I’d be interested to know how you answer Devil’s Kitchen’s allegations that you know this is untrue and yet continue to repeat it.
    18. This is bad, but in mitigation he no longer opposes it. Surely a man can be forgiven for previous mistakes if he changes his mind? I’m glad you agree with using the price mechanism to ration a scarce resource.
    19. Good.
    20. With good reason. Currently it’s a nonsense and highly wasteful.
    21. Silence is better than agreeing with it. What a fucking stupid idea. If 4x4s emit more carbon then they will also use more petrol, and therefore pay more fuel duty. What difference to climate change does it make if they drive into central London or not?
    22. So did most Iraqis, but again, slightly irrelevant as he’s standing for local government.
    23. Bush, depressingly, is a big-government nut, but Kerry would have been worse.
    24. I’ve never understood what exactly the problem was with that, other than the general principle that you shouldn’t have useless legislation on the statute books.

    Some reasons to discount Neil Harding’s comments on the London Mayor election:
    1. He lives in Brighton.
    2. He is ginger.
    3. He has a little mini dog.

  19. RL Meakin: You see nothing wrong in calling certain ethnic minorities nasty names? Coupled with Boris's hostility to anything that improves racial and social solidarity I think it is very relevant. You and Boris clearly see nothing wrong in being prejudiced against people on the basis of their skin colour or sexuality. I and I suspect the voters next May see things differently.

    If you follow the black info link I provide, you will find the full quotes of everything I have attributed to Boris. The tapes of Boris are common knowledge and have been written about in all the major newspapers - google it

    I'm glad you agree with me on the PPP - for that alone Boris does not deserve to be elected. He cannot be trusted with public transport - Ken has vastly improved travelling by bus in London - yes it has costs - but it has greatly improved the lives of londoners (especially the poorest) and is great value for money.

    You admit Boris was wrong about the congestion charge but say mistakes like this do not matter. They matter very much - London needs innovative schemes to tackle its manifold problems - Ken shows he is up to making radical (and initially very unpopular) decisions. Boris would let London rot.

    As for climate change we can all argue that as individuals, cities and even countries, our contribution is negligible. The point for me is the improvement of quality of life regardless of whether it is still possible to reverse climate change.

    In your 3 points of criticism of me, you missed out that I am bald. Good to see that 'gingerist' can be added to your long list of prejudices.

    Finally, yes I live in Brighton, but that doesn't mean I cannot have an opinion on this. The Mayor of London does affect me by setting the agenda on things like free bus travel and congestion charging that other cities can follow. Another example is the US president - it affects us all and while we do not have a vote - we certainly have opinions on whether Democrat or Republican is better for the world. What is wrong in voicing an opinion?

  20. Every comment on your blog critices you Neil. You are pretty much completely wrong about everything. Reevaluate your life dickhead.

  21. A lot of right-wingers read my blog and they all amplify the Daily Mail view.

    When you support something someone says you feel less inclined to leave a comment. There are plenty of people who agree with what I say. The opinion polls also show Labour in the lead so you Tories are not doing as well as you think.

  22. I am absolutely sick to death of people quoting Boris Johnson as using the word "piccaninnies" and insisting that he meant it literally. When Lenny Bruce said "Whip out that roll of tar paper chonga!" does everyone think he actually meant it or believed it? He was satirising the attitude of Americans to black male sexuality. SAME THING. Boris Johnson was satirising the attitude of British Imperialists to the people int he countries they visited. IT IS SATIRE!!!!! The truth is, most people are too dumb to understand the article.

  23. Angel: I could believe that if Boris hadn't bemoaned the demise of colonialism, mocked Mandela and been apathetic about apartheid. Then there is his 3 men and a dog attitude to homosexuals.

  24. Scunnered, O'Aberdein25/1/08 5:06 pm

    Clearly you are ahead of us here. I can understand the three men bit. I don't quite get where the dog fits in, though.

    Oh...that was with reference to the 'Then there is his 3 men and a dog attitude to homosexuals.' comment.

  25. scunnered: Boris suggested that if we allow gays to marry, we should allow people to marry poligamously and marry their dogs.

  26. Scunnered, O'Aberdein27/1/08 11:47 am

    So homosexuals get to marry polygamously and to wed their dogs? I really doubt if he said that. Got a reference?

  27. scunnered: quote from Mr Johnson's 2001 book, Friends, Voters, Countrymen:

    "If gay marriage was OK � and I was uncertain on the issue � then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or
    indeed three men and a dog."

  28. Quote from the financial times magazine Sunday 13th April 2008

    “References in an old Johnson newspaper column to “piccaninnies” and Africans with “watermelon smiles” have been wrenched out of context and quoted repeatedly to make the Tory candidate sound like the epitome of saloon-bar prejudice. Read in context, however, they were clearly meant as part of an ironic attack on Tony Blair’s efforts to play “the big white chief” on a trip to Africa.”

    So firstly you spell piccaninnies incorrectly (on the very first point!), and may not have checked the background on each of your 20 points thoroughly. It just goes to show how things can be easily distorted in the media over time.

    I’m not saying that he hasn’t said anything stupid over his time, but it just goes to show that sometimes you have to take these things with a pinch of salt.

  29. Anon: You are trying to justify the unjustifiable. There is no context that is ironic, funny or otherwise when using the imperial language of posh racists like Enoch Powell. It is the Tories who distort history. I suppose you believe that the ERM debacle was a stroke of Tory genius? Cos that seems to be how they are trying to rewrite things. People think the 3 day week was under Labour and that Dunkirk was a British triumph - there is nothing the British establishment couldn't distort - this is what 1984 was really about and why Hitler was so envious of the British Propaganda machine.

  30. clara bassinet20/4/08 6:33 pm

    I haven't counted the number of reasons these contain, but there are plenty - and they certainly do it in style...
    Sophisticated rework of a Kate Nash song:
    and in honour of the Liverpudlian comment to the BBC:

  31. Reason number 35 for you puerile prats: He's the Tory Mayor of London. Hurrah!

  32. I just came across this blog and would like to say it's nice to know there are some people out there who see Boris Johnson for the revolting rascist he really is. I was shocked when I found out he'd won the mayoral election. I didn't realise just how idiots there are here in London.

  33. ok, lets face it, i hate boris johnson, it's a travesty that he's mayor. but this poem if brilliant, it really does give political correctness the ass-kicking it deserves. this country is being torn apart by political correctness, if we must be so multi-cultured then where's the space for our own culture. and the green taxes ought to be opposed as they are shallow, short-sighted and not about global warming at all. climate change is overblown and taxing people's cars a bit more is not gona stop it happening. so there's my two cents, i dont generalise based on race, but i make sure my opinions are based on what is happening in the country - and the world at the moment. and this country is totally fucked and it is a result of political correctness - and welfare nannying state. I am not racist, i dont think its racist to say that someone comes from a different country and therefore we should think carefuly before giving them everything we have.