19 March 2007

Independent Misses The Point Over the Drugs Debate.

The IOS has changed its mind over its campaign to decriminalise cannabis.

It says the 'skunk' on sale now is '20 times stronger' and is leading to increased mental illness amongst users.

I am sure this is the case but even if one inhale on one joint killed people, this would still not justify the present prohibition policy.

Legalisation of drugs will enable the authorities to tax, control supply and enable a huge increase in funds to use to educate people to the dangers of using drugs. It is only through education that we will reduce drug use and the reduction in crime that legalisation would bring will enable huge savings in both lives and financial costs to society.

As the Netherlands and Switzerland show, decriminalising drugs does not necessarily lead to increased use.

The recent expansion of opening hours is another example - alcohol consumption has actually fell 2.1% since the new licensing laws were introduced.

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