18 March 2007

Right v Left, Rural v Urban, Same The Whole World Over.

Familiar arguments, a bit simplistic, but this guy *correction - girl* is to the point, particularly check out the Tory commenter.

It seems wherever you have 'first past the post' you get less a battle of ideas than a battle of geography (where the boundaries are drawn is more important than the votes), a battle of wealth (urban voters increasingly disenfranchised the most), and a complete trampling over minority interests. Good Luck Canada. Good Luck UK. Well Done NZ.


  1. Thanks for the link. "This guy" is actually a "girl," though. *grin*

  2. err. Sorry, my prejudice showing through there. Just goes to show how 'hidden' prejudice can be and why we get so many white males in parliament. People don't even realise they are being prejudiced (just like I didn't there).

    Good blog by the way.