18 November 2006

Councillor Roy Pennington's Blog.

Bit belated I know (as his blog has been up and running for a couple of months and he is already listed on Bloggers4Labour), but this is my plug for Roy's blog. See also link to right.

Good to see so many Brighton and Hove councillors blogging although pity there is no comments allowed. No sign either of local Regency Lib Dem Dawn Davidson's blog I notice. No surprise there I suppose considering how often she is seen in Regency. Has anyone ever actually seen this woman in the ward? Maybe I should start a competition - 'Spot Dawn in Regency'. Let me know if she is seen or found doing anything useful in the ward.


  1. You really are a very nasty piece of work aren't you?

    If anyone has any doubt as to why Labour are about to be kicked out in this city, this is it.

  2. hahahahaha! Bit touchy about Dawn lack of work and presence aren't you?

  3. Why on earth do you want to know that at 12.13am? Weird. You are very menacing towards women. But we all know New Labour are bully boys.

    So where were New Labour when the other parties in the ward were out on the streets yesterday? The Tories do more than you lot do.

    But then lets give the hopeless Roy Pennington the same kind of attention.

    He gets a blog one week, the next he is a hard working councillor. Funny there is an election in a few months isn't it?

    We never see Roy Pennington, he never attends our meetings and we never get any leaflets from him.

    And then there is his policy positions. He is known as FlipFlop locally.

    This is the man who will say one thing to one person and the opposite to the next. We've tested him on it and got the email to prove it - which we'll be using. What are his views for example on the i360? In the Argus he says he is against it, but how did he vote as a planning member? Or did he actually vote at all? Funny that. What is his position on the Central Brighton Parking scheme? Again in the Argus he is against it and he was busy presenting petitions against it. But is he actually for it or against it? Why did he say one thing to the residents and then sell out on it on the first opportunity and supported the scheme? One minute he is calling for scrutiny on parking then next he is withdrawing it. Again funny that. Nothing to do with the fact that hes got the press coverage and so then drops the issue. This guy is spineless.

    And name me one thing he has achieved as a councillor, just one.

    And then why is it that his own Labour colleagues disown him? They absolutely hate him. He is not even allowed to attend their meetings.

    Roll on May. FlipFlop Pennington's days are numbered. Enjoy the allowances whilst you can keep drawing our money for doing nothing.

  4. Interesting that you failed to answer the question - where is Dawn (not a 12.13 am you childosh pedant)? What has she done? Can she find Regency ward on a map?

  5. Now who is rattled flipfoppers?

    Or does the truth hurt?

    You started this, there was no need to have a nasty go at someone who wouldn't even be reading this. You really are vile unpleasant New Labour filth.

    And keep your threatening behaviour to yourselves.

  6. anon: What is threatening about asking why our Lib Dem councillor is hardly (if ever?) seen in the ward?

    Of course what you find 'threatening' about it is that it destroys your chances of getting elected. What is the point of electing a Lib Dem councillor in the ward when they are never around?

    If you read ,Roy's Blog you can see exactly how much work he does. He regularly attends plenty of residents meetings and events unlike your lot. Roy is his own man. He has consistently been against the parking zone merger.

    You ask for an example of Roy's work. He was involved in getting CCTV installed and the recent improvements in Norfolk Square which are such a success.

    The Labour Team are regularly knocking on doors in Regency. As recently as today, Simon Burgess was in the ward and David Lepper was in the ward just a few weeks ago.

    I admit you produce more leaflets than us, mountains of them. I've had people come up to me and say they are fed up of receiving inane Lib Dem leaflets with little to say. e.g - "demanded better services for...[insert council service here]". I mean we are all for better services, just saying it doesn't mean anything. What a waste of paper.

  7. Just because you say a person isn't around doesn't mean there is any truth in it.

    And you can pretend as much as you like, Roy is one of the most inactive ward councillors on the council. Dawn does really good work, why don't you ask your chum Simon Burgess about that next time he is in the ward? Or get him to post a reply here clarifying his position. I bet he wouldn't share your views, because he isn't the bully you are. Proper politicians actually work across parties.

    Roy had very little to do with actually getting action on Norfolk Square and no involvement in the CCTV camera. He'll claim otherwise, but thats the truth. Look back at the records of the meetings where progress was agreed. He really does have a terrible reputation and you know it.

    And now we find out that Labour are against keeping residents up-to-date with newsletters. so thats why we never get any from Labour - except when an eelction is coming. Shame that, it'll be nice to hear which way flipflop is going on an issue that particular day. I suppose the printing presses couldnt keep up with all the different versions you'd need to put out.

    Do you ever wonder why people hate your agreesive party so much? Nasty postings like yours are a complete switch off to the voters. The Tories used to be the nasty party, but now its you lot. What went wrong with you guys? Its actually a shame really because you hand power back to the Tories.

    Oh and we'll use the fact that the MP only ever comes to the ward every few weeks. Bit of a slip there.

  8. Give me an example of something that Dawn has done. You have told us nothing I suspect, because that is precisely what she has done for Regency - nothing.

    Why is it nasty to ask why Dawn Davidson is never seen in the ward?

    You are the one getting all agressive and abusive. I have just asked a perfectly reasonable question about the lack of work of the local lib dem councillor. I think it is pretty clear to anyone reading this which party's supporter is being nasty and threatening and it isn't me.

    The Lib Dems have this undeserved reputation for being nice, but as most campaigners will tell you when it comes down to nasty negative stuff at the local level, you are a good example of what the Lib Dems get up to.

  9. PS I never said David Lepper only ever comes to the ward ever few weeks. Re-read what I put, misrepresent people if you like, it's obviously what you are good at but the truth is people want a proper representative like Roy not someone who is hardly ever around like Dawn.

  10. A good example of what Dawn has done is her excellent work on the Brighton Centre working group. You can ask Simon Burgess about that. Another example is her work on the Central Brighton Parking Review - if flipflop had knocked on one single door he would have found out how unpopular it is. She has also raised a series of excellent issues around local healthcare provision, as a former nurse. All great achievements, and I could go on ...

  11. Thats more like it. Roy was knocking on doors today and there was no such hostility. When did Dawn last do any door knocking in Regency?

  12. Typical bully throwing your weight around.

    Only YOU say Dawn is never around. And we all know you aren't exactly the most truthful person alive. Talk to the residents and you will find out the truth.

    You clearly are an extremely unpleasant and vengeful person. New Labour are like that when they face defeat. How do you sleep at night? Oh you don't, you stay up all night stalking female councillors demanding to know where they are. Very, very strange indeed.

    Have you ever thought about getting a life?

  13. There you go again, asking what a female councillor is upto. Don't you think you are acting just a little bit strange?

    Aren't there laws againts this type of thing? Perhaps you should have a the new Labour medal of honour - an ASBO!!!!


  14. A bit of an own goal - when Pennington has such a low profile and not very popular - I've heard he is not even liked by other Labour cllrs.

    No wonder Burgess been drafted into the ward to try and avoid a Labour wipeout in May.

  15. Carry on being abusive if you like but it won't hide the fact that you are upset because Dawn is an electoral liability. All you have to do is say that Dawn is regularly in the ward, why is that so difficult for you? You think it is bullying to ask how often our local Lib Dem representative visits our ward? Why would anyone get so upset and abusive at such an innocuous question...unless they are ashamed?

  16. Yes, of course, it goes without saying that Dawn is in the ward the whole time. But is flipflop?

  17. anon: That's all you needed to say. Why all the abuse and reluctance to answer the question? It is obviously something that touched a raw nerve which tells us all we need to know about Dawn's 'absentee councillor' status doesn't it?

    Read Roy's blog if you are interested in how often he is in the ward and the many activities he does etc. I suppose Dawn cannot be bothered to do a blog or maybe she wouldn't have much to put in it?

    On policy I'm sure we agree on a lot - electoral reform for a start, the Lib Dems are probably after the Greens the closest to Labour, so it is sad that such an innocuous question had to descend into a pointless slanging match.

    I think this is the trouble with the present electoral system, overly negative (and ridiculous) campaigning pays off as long as it damages your main opponent more than yourself. So even if you lose votes it is still worthwhile. Under PR, positive campaigning is much more important because it is a majority of the vote that is needed not just the largest minority.

    It is not surprising considering how FPTP discriminates against smaller parties like the Lib Dems and the Greens that they have become so adept at negative campaigning.

  18. we've never said otherwise stupid boy!

    now when are we ever going to see flipflop in the ward?

    You lot are really a nasty bunch of thugs

  19. anon: you really are upset about Dawn Davidson's record aren't you?

    Keep the stream of abuse coming if you like. I think all the people reading this are learning a lot about how the local Lib Dems operate.

  20. Na - you are the rattled ones. You show New Labour off for what they are - a bunch of thugs.

    Will you continue this blog after Pennington is evicted in May?

    Anyway, must go we're all off to cause as much trouble as we can for your New Labour mates.

  21. I do not understand why "anonymous" hides behind his/her anon. status. THAT is the hallmark of a bully. I try not to engage with those who use balaclavas.............
    Neil: I am gratefull for your support, though you could replace "this woman" by "this councillor". In the lexicon of Non-verbal communication therapy, it is like showing an irrelevant red rag at a bull.....

  22. Its because we are all so scared of you flipflop

  23. Cllr Roy Pennington29/11/06 8:37 am

    Until "anon" owns up to who she/he really is, Roger And Out.