19 November 2006

Regency Lib Dems hypocrisy over phone masts.

Regency Lib Dems are playing on people's unfounded fears over phone masts in a shameless effort to win votes. The truth is that short of actually dancing with a phone mast there is far more radiation emitted from a mobile phone. Ironically increasing the number of masts actually reduces the amount of mobile phone radiation. So by opposing masts you might be actually harming people's health. But don't take my word for it.

Perhaps Regency Lib Dems should listen to the views of their own local MP in Lewes - Norman Baker -

"Do you think that radiation from mobile phones or from mobile phone masts poses a risk to health?

In terms of mobile phones, yes. In terms of masts, no.

To what extent have your constituents raised concerns about health risks from mobile phones?

They frequently raise concerns about masts, which I don't think are well grounded. They never really raise risks about phones, which I think are well grounded.

Some argue that the official attempts to inform the public about the health issues associated with mobile phones have been confusing. What's your view?

Certainly in the initial stages they were, and there's been a lack of anticipation from the industry of the need to deal with what are predictable public concerns, and a lack of leadership from government. Now, it's become slightly embedded and difficult to deal with.
Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes and senior spokesman on envirnoment and rural affairs, UK"

Well perhaps it wouldn't be so difficult to deal with if members of your own party in Regency didn't shamelessly misrepresent the facts for electoral gain. Though that is par for the course for them I suppose, look at their opposition to 24 hour drinking - notice they have gone quiet on that now they have been proved wrong.


  1. This is not very consistent - first there is no sign of the Lib Dems in Regency Ward,
    within 24hrs you're complaining about what they are campaigning on.

  2. You must have spent hours trying to work that little one out.

    We really have you lot rattled.

    New Labour = the nasty party

  3. This is all a bit rich as Pennington refuses to raise the concerns of his residents over phone masts.

  4. Since when is Lewes local to Regency?

    Do you and flipflop need a map to show you where the ward is?

  5. anon-y-mouse20/11/06 12:00 pm

    Err.. looks like you are the rattled one...

  6. You got all angry and abusive just because I asked how often my local Lib Dem councillor Dawn Davidson visited Regency. It was a perfectly reasonable and innocuous question and I think your abusive reaction gives the answer as to how often Dawn really is in Regency.

    What I dislike about disingenuous campaigns like yours about phone masts is how you stir up people's unfounded fears to win votes. That really is nasty. You don't care that scientific evidence and your nearest Lib Dem local MP (and Lib Dem environment spokesman) says you views are rubbish.

    As for looking at a map, Norman Baker is the most local Lib Dem MP. Brighton to Lewes is about 8 miles. The next nearest Lib Dem MP to Brighton is thankfully over 40 miles away in South London.

  7. Talking of hypocrisy - whats New Labour's view on the council house sell off in the city?

  8. anon-y-mouse22/11/06 3:47 pm

    Looks like you lost that one anonymous!

  9. The only loser is Roy Pennington in May.

    Try and answer the question.