01 July 2006

England will never win against 12 men.

The Argentine ref was looking for any excuse to send an England player off and was giving so many free kicks to Portugal, the English players were frightened to tackle. You can't play attractive football under these conditions. The Portuguese were making the most of having the ref on their side, diving all over the place.

Figo headbutts somone in the last game and gets a yellow card, a Portugeuse player jumps in with 2 feet and nearly cripples Cole and gets a yellow card, Rooney treads on someone and does a little push and he is off. I don't think what Rooney did was even a yellow.

And to top it off the ref even cheats with the penaltys by dissallowing Carragher's goal.

This is happening at every tournament, World Football is corrupt, it is a sham, we were cheated in 2004 and we have been cheated now. If this is football they can keep it, only cheats win World Cups now.

The Rooney sending off was a disgrace, I would have took the England players off the pitch and withdrawn from FIFA, fuck the cheating bastards. The World Cup is now worthless. The only way we will win it is to offer the biggest bribes, ask the Italians.


  1. So... nothing to do with Sven cocking up the squad selection, messing about with strange formations and playing people in different positions every time, sticking with Beckham when Lennon was looking much brighter?

    And nothing to do with half the players not playing as well as they could? (Like Lampard)

    And nothing to do with players being unable to win a penalty shootout when the other side miss the goal twice?

  2. Excellent. I agree fully and have wholesome praise for your stance against those who would be apologists for corruption.

  3. Skuds: Yes England could have played better, but they would have won if we had been allowed to play our normal game instead of having to worry if we so much brushed against a Portugal player. How can we expect our team to perform when the odds are so stacked against us. We were cheated!

  4. "if we had been allowed to play our normal game"

    Hmm, yes, very unlucky last night, but I'm not sure if you noticed that on the basis of the four previous games England's "normal game" is...not very good.

  5. I agree, and in any case the end never justifies the means!

  6. To be honest, if what you say is true Neil (and please don't use bad language), then football ('the beautiful game') is no longer worth watching.

    Anyway, about England. They looked a fairly average team throughout the World Cup. With the exception of three excellent goals they managed to score.

    I'm not sure if it was the formation used. With one up front England's ability to score goals was fairly limited. As was in evidence in the first half against Portugal. Erikksson had played 4-4-2 to good effect with England previously so I don't know why it needed changing.

    Perhaps, in all fairness to the man, his hands were tied a little bit. Never mind refs, what about the pre-tournament injuries to key personnel Rooney and Owen? That would be like Brazil without Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, or France without Henry and Zindane. If England were to have a chance they needed all their key players 100% from the start. They did not have this and Eriksson was having to chop and change his team to accommadate injuries throughout the tournament. That I believe is one of the main reasons England didn't quite hit the heights.

  7. Also, Rooneys conduct did merit at least a yellow. The nudge with the foot = 1. The push = 2.

  8. Mathew, sorry if the bad language offended.

    When you look at the last game (Portugal- Holland) where Figo headbutted a player and there was pushing galore going on between the players, then by your logic there would have been about ten sendings off. If Rooney deserved a red, then there wouldn't be a world cup game without half a dozen sendings off.

    Sadly I am saying that football is getting to a stage where it's credibility is on the line. Of course I am in a minority thinking that because it is something no football fan would want to believe. I love football, but this world cup has been the worst. The amount of diving and dodgy refs have hit records and FIFA seems unwilling to do anything about it. The only thing that would change their minds is people turning off and that is not happening. Even though the game has been turned into a farce, we still want to believe in it.

  9. Rooney deserved a minimum yellow. Even if it was at he claims an 'accident'.

  10. When you consider Figo got a yellow card for headbutting someone, a yellow would seem the most that Rooney deserved.