07 July 2006

England were easily good enough to win this World Cup.

When France could only win one game in a group consisting of Switzerland, South Korea and Togo, when Italy could only beat Australia with a dodgy penalty in the 120th minute of a game, don't tell me that England weren't good enough to win.

Lets hope France win on Sunday and then at least the biggest cheats (Italy and Portugal) won't be crowned champions. Remember though that even France needed a kind referee and a dive by Henry to win against Portugal.

England with the right referees and a little luck would easily have won the World Cup. Not that that will ever happen though.


  1. Actually, the penalty against Australia was awarded in the 90th minute.

    With regard to England, it's easy to say that but the fact remains they only managed qtr-finals. Alas, it really doesn't matter anymore.

  2. Yes it was a dodgy penalty after 90 mins in the Italy game. Of course my moaning is all academic, England didn't win, end of story, but my point is, they WERE good enough to win it despite what people say.

  3. And where is your evidence Neil? Countries like Argentina produced much better performances than England but also went out at the same stage.

    If you really want to hear my opinion on the referees then you can read my latest blog entry: 'The Man in the Middle'.

  4. Mathew, I am not criticising referees for making mistakes, I am criticising SOME referees for what appears to be inexplicable bias and I am criticising FIFA for not doing anything about the cheating in the game by the players.

    I mean how hard would it be to have video evidence used?

  5. Well, it is all over now. Hopefully Fifa will do a review of the World Cup and maybe do something to improve the players and referees.