24 June 2006

Would you trust this man to run Brighton & Hove?

The latest issue of Insight City News has an interview with B&H Conservative leader, Brian Oxley.

It's also nice to see the paper put forward the case for electoral reform on its front page;

"The current 'first past the post' system is hotly disputed as a method of deciding who gets into power, and a growing lobby, headed by the Electoral Reform Society, is seeking to implement the arguably fairer system of proportional representation."

It goes on to highlight the ludicrous situation of the many councils "Haringey, Kingston, Islington, Camden, Brent, Hounslow, Bolton, Birmingham [etc]", in the country that are controlled by a party that didn't get the most votes. They point out that Brighton & Hove is such a case. Of course Tory leader Conley has no inclination to change the system. He knows 'first past the post' is the only way to get absolute power on a minority of the vote.

With the Tories on 22 seats and Labour on 24, it does emphasise the importance of re-electing Labour councillors in Regency - both the Regency Labour ward and Brighton Pavilion Constituency party support electoral reform. If the Lib Dems win in Regency that will mean a Tory run council that most people don't want. Conley's ideas are typical Tory ones of public service cuts and yet more cars clogging up the city.

Despite trying to imply that Conley has come from a poor background; "a mining village in Derby", he is precisely the sort of mollycoddled career politician most people abhor. A member of the masonic lodge, a parliamentary assistant to Michael Howard, Teresa Gorman etc from the age of 27 after most of his life before that in academia,

So what is his vision for Brighton Council if they 'win' in 2007?

"The Council is the servant of the people and not the master: we would endeavour to empower local people".

This is the sort of vacuous soundbite statement that we should be very scared of. He is basically saying; 'I am not telling you my policies because you wouldn't like them.'

"We need to talk tough to the government about our high rates of council tax."

So massive cuts in services then!

"People don't think they're getting value for money."

Beware anyone who says they can make efficiency savings. The cuts will hit frontline services, they always do. The Tory voters are the ones who can afford to pay, it is always the poorest voters that are hit by Tory councils.


  1. How do you equate the Lib Dems winning in Regency giving you a Tory council? You are right that the Lib Dems will thrash the low profile and hapless Labour Councillor, but how does that give you a Tory Council? Sounds like Labour are giving up before it even starts.

  2. Are you joking about low profile? The Lib Dems are the party of Dawn Davidson, who hasn't been seen around here for years. She has shown total contempt for the ward residents.

    Who is the only Councillor seen at the CMPCA resident meetings? Who is the only councillor who has been holding regular surgeries in Regency? Who is the councillor leading the debate on the Royal Alex Hospital and organising meetings in the area on this and other issues?

    Since you are probably a Lib Dem from Brunswick who wouldn't know these things, I will tell you, it is Labour Regency councillor Roy Pennington, the only hard working councillor around here.

    The Lib Dems are good at saturating Regency with leaflets but they do little else.

    We all know the Lib Dems is full of Tories who have transferred to the Lib Dems so they can get their Tory mates back running the council. The people need to be told that voting Lib Dem will lead to a Tory run council cutting services for the poorest residents.

  3. Pennington is the worst councillor I have ever lived under. That man is hopeless, he does nothing, is never seen locally and against your own party's very sensible measures to improve parking in my area. What on earth was all that about? The man is a fool. Anyway, he is already on borrowed time.

    Theres only one way you can prove that voting Lib Dem will lead to a Tory Council - what is the Lib Dem position locally on the Tory Party? For example do they vote with them in council?

  4. "against your own party's very sensible measures to improve parking in my area. What on earth was all that about?"

    Roy is against the proposal to reduce the current zones to just 2 large zones. This would be a nightmare for Regency because people can drive from outer Brighton and park in the centre. This will mean even more congestion and pollution and discourage bus use and make it impossible for Regency residents to find parking spaces.

    "what is the Lib Dem position locally on the Tory Party? For example do they vote with them in council?"

    Quite often they do. The Lib Dems are like chameleons, with the Tories the largest party they would cosy up to them like they have in so many other councils around the country. Voting for the Lib Dems is liking writing a blank cheque.

  5. ok, so if your claims are true you will be able to list where the lib dems vote with the tories in council...

    when are you lot going to start fighting the tories instead of just giving this city to them? people have trusted you and you do nothing to try and defeat them. look at the labour campaign in bromley last night - hopeless.

    and pennington on parking - he'll lose the ward on that mistake. what a joke he is - he should have been working away for residents getting them a better deal - instead he acts like a tory on parking issues, reacting to the person who shouts the loudest.

  6. anon: you obviously don't live in this ward.

    Roy is well known around here for being hard-working. He regularly attends many residents meetings (CMPCA being one I attend that Lib Dems have never attended), but Roy also organises campaigns and petitions elsewhere (communal bins in bedford square for instance) and campaigns on a number of issues.

    You know nothing about this area. So you are in favour of 2 zones for parking, this is great for the outlying wards but not here, it will lose you many votes. Roy speaks for Regency, the Lib Dems are trying to run their Regency campaign from Brunswick, they will be found out.

  7. More threats ... smacks of desperation from a rather nasty blogger.

    Come on then answer the question, give me examples of where the lib dems have voted with labour? or are you just admitting that you are a vile, dirty, foul liar - just like your mate Bliar.

    And as for Tory Roy voting with the actual Tories - shame on you rightwingers in the Labour Party. He'll pay the price. 9 months to go...

    You are so running scared - we love making you this angry - it motivates us so much to go out and finish the job.