25 June 2006

I'm hoping Beckham will do 'an Owen' in the first minute.

Let's hope Beckham's tournament is over just as they kick off tomorrow. It is our only hope of winning the World Cup. Aaron Lennon to replace Beckham and make Gerrard captain.


  1. Agreed, I hate Beckham.

  2. luckily for england, u dont know sven!

  3. luckily for england, u dont know sven, as beckham just scored the wining goal

  4. He did OK in the end though - scored the winning goal and puked on the pitch.

    Mind you, Lennon does look a lot more lively and threatening than him at the moment.

  5. set piece king26/6/06 3:04 pm

    Fairly unpleasant sentiment I thought. I would hesitate to wish a potentially career ending injury on anyone, especially someone I don't know and only dislike because of a dip in form.

  6. Well it was over the top to want him injured but I can't see him ever being left out the team otherwise. Sven just gives Beckham too much leeway with poor performance after poor performance. Just injured enough to put him out of the WC would be enough, I wouldn't want a career threatening injury.

    Although Beckham scored a great goal which justified his selection for this match, I still think he does too little. Aaron Lennon would provide us with real pace and we have plenty of players who can cross the ball. Beckham's delivery has been poor far too often.

    Anyway, we are in the QF so I shouldn't complain I suppose.