03 August 2005

Harry's lynch mob Place.

Look at how Harry's Place is descending into an Islamist lynch mob! This article and the comments that follow, criticising Galloway for inciting hatred, are drowning in their own irony!

While Galloway is undoubtedly provocative and wrong on many points, I believe he actually does a great service for the establishment, by demonstrating to Muslim fundamentalists that some MPs are listening to their valid points, this makes it easier to criticise where they are wrong. This is the best way to moderate their views by bringing them inside political debate rather than alienating them even further!

This excellent Ted Rall cartoon courtesy of sonic's place, demonstrates the point I'm trying to make. Sonic's Place also has a great post on how New York Times right winger Thomas Friedman has infected the decent left over here.


  1. Hi Neal, if you like that one plenty more here at Ted Rall's website




  2. Cheers, will take a look.