03 August 2005

Essays for Labour!

Bloggers4Labour has rightly suggested some topics to write progressive well researched articles on over the next few weeks to get away from petty reactionism. So, from the top, expect a detailed essay on tackling poverty in Britain to appear on my site...soon.

Tackling poverty in Britain
The Challenge for the Left
What's Left?
Key issues for Labour supporters
Britain in 2010 (or 2020)
The Next Health Service
The conservative challenge
After Capitalism?
US Democrats: the next generation
A manifesto for world peace
Can we trust the liberal interventionists?
Fair taxation
After Blair
Empowering children
Who are the bloggers?
Does voting matter?
Unions in the market economy
Transport 2020
A case for municipal socialism
Violence and Society
Iraq - a three state solution?
Myth-making and Politics
Communities in a liberal society

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