03 August 2005

Cycling around Brighton.

The number of cycle paths in Brighton make it a good place to travel by bike, especially if you stick to the sea front (where visitors can hire cycles), and use the 'cycle motorway' that easily links Eastbourne, Brighton and Worthing (apart from a horrible bit through industrial Portslade and the tiring hills on the way to Eastbourne, (don't get caught on the wrong side of the lagoon coming back from Worthing either, like I did, or its a big detour!). The 'cycle motorway' is also a good way of reaching the sand sculpture festival by the marina.

Apart from that though and a few cycle paths by The Level, its pretty much 'take your life in your hands' time, just like any other city. The London Road, Lewes Rd, Preston Circus, Seven Dials areas are the most dangerous and have the most pollution and traffic congestion (and the most inconsiderate parked cars in cycle lanes plus the very narrow roads, that make it very difficult not to get squashed off the road by lorries and buses). As long as the council don't waste our money on any more of these, then generally the Labour led minority council in Brighton and Hove and the Labour govt nationally have been a lot more friendlier towards cyclist's concerns than the Tories ever were. Bricycles, a local cycling group emphasise this point in their latest AGM. By the way if you ever want an example of how boring council or these society meetings usually are, then this meeting is a good example. An example of a bit more interesting meeting is this Labour GC one.

Any ideas on how we can stop procedure getting in the way of content? Lets make it more interesting for people to attend these meetings?

For cycle maps and more in the brighton area visit sustrans or bricycles.

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