22 July 2005

How did the bombers get away?

Lets give thanks that no-one was killed or seriously hurt yesterday. It is becoming more clear that this is the work of an amateur British based Muslim terrrorist organisation with fairly rudimentary bomb making skills. The attack seemed all the more random because of its location and time. Middle of the day and in a sparsely populated area. These are not terrorist masterminds but insane amateurs. London had a very lucky escape because of this, but how did the bombers manage to get away? From what I have heard not a single person tried to apprehend the bombers as they were running away.

We hear reports of people getting mugged or even raped in central London in broad daylight and no-one coming to their aid. I think this comes into the same category of not wanting to get involved.

Well we are all involved in this, and we should all make sure we get involved. I would like to think if I saw a bomber running away yesterday, I would have risked my life to apprehend him and others would have helped me. We have to shake off this 'I'm alright attitude'. If we are to have a true 'blitz spirit' then lets see us looking out for each other and taking collective action.

Perversely some good could come of these bombings if a true community spirit can be established. We have our backs to the wall here, it looks like these bombings could be going on for quite some time, lets unite to fight it.

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