21 July 2005

Labour were right to say a vote for the Lib Dems helps Tories, claims Tory thinktank!

Most of the 31 seats the Tories gained in the May election changed hands because Labour voters switched to the Liberal Democrats, not because they embraced the Conservatives, said Nicholas Boles, the director of C-Change Conservative thinktank.

Full Guardian article here


  1. Labour may have been to a degree right to claim that Lib Dem votes help Tories. Howver, if so does not that say something disturbing about our electoral system. Surely we need a system that encourages people to vote according to their beliefs rather than according to their strongest anti!

    Incidentally, I live in a Tory/Lib Dem marginal. On conviction, I favour the Greens. Unfortunatley, I voted Lib Dem to keep the Tory out. BTW it failed and quite frankly I feel that I prostituted my vote. I will not vote tactically again although I feel so disenchanted with the system that if it doesn't change I might not take part in the next charade.

  2. I totally agree, have you seen my posts and links on electoral reform on here. Ive managed to persuade the constituency party to put forward a resolution on electoral reform and David Lepper our MP is a sponsor of the Labour Campaign for reform.

    It is still possible Labour might move to the Alternative Vote, then you would be able to rank your preferences rather than the present unsatisfactory situation of some discomforting tactical guess that hides your real choice of party.