20 December 2010

Who Will Hold The Tories To Account?

Whatever Labour did in power, at least you knew the right-wing press would scrutinise every inch of policy and give a critique (but only from a right-wing perspective of course).

The left-wing media is too weak to have a sizeable impact in attacking the Tories and the right-wing press have the Lib Dems as the fall guys for any unpopular government policy, making it almost impossible to make a hit on Cameron and co.

As Jackie Ashley in the Guardian puts it, Cameron can just smile and screw us over without any comeback at all.

The Tories will have us believe that the best way to help the poor is to take money and public services away from them. This they say is fair, progressive and will help social mobility. The Lib Dems under Clegg after campaigning against this ideology in the election have now taken it on full tilt. The cuts to services are 'progressive' and will help the poor, they too now say.

Not since the 1930s have such policies been so wholeheartedly propounded. Yet the public have been persuaded, Labour seem weak and ineffectual, our electoral system is broken and our press is mostly owned by four rich Tory party donors. Where can the real opposition come from? This is where the protests can fill the gap. They are the ONLY current opposition to these policies. Good luck to UKUNCUT and anyone else who takes on these chancers.

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