15 December 2010

The Lib Dem Case For Fees.

There are 3 main Lib Dem arguments for voting in favour of the new fees; 1. the new fees are more progressive than at present. 2. the deficit needs cuts and why should students be spared? and 3. 'There is no alternative' to increased fees.

1. is actually true (though debts are larger, monthly payments will be less because of the higher 21k threshold and loans are written off earlier) though it is sort of besides the point when university/college grants face 80% cuts and a lot of 'lesser' Universities that are full of working class students will close as a result and the scrapping of the allowance to 16-17 year olds - the EMA is particularly mean to the poorest.

2. and 3 are complete b***shit.

2. Public sector expenditure on welfare, health, education, transport and other public services are still below the European average. Only on law and order and defence does the UK spend more, and what a surprise that a Tory led government has spared the MoD from the largest cuts. Until 2008 Labour had cut the national debt it inherited from the Tories, only when taking on the £1.4 trillion private sector debts of the banks did public sector debt balloon.

3. Increasing student fees is a political choice, why not cut winter fuel payments or bus passes instead? Or better still why not find the £83 billion of cuts in extra taxes on the richest 50% of the population who have 93% of the country's wealth around £8 trillion at current market capitalisation (thats £8,000 billion - a 2% tax on land values market cap. of £4 tr. would raise £80bn).

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