13 May 2010

What Is Cameron's Plan?

I think that Cameron has three main objectives in his Con-Dem coalition.

1. Labour can still be blamed in the early years for the depression that is coming - the high unemployment and pay freezes.

2. The Lib Dems will help win support for the intense privatisation and tax rises that is to come and take some of the blame for its failures.

3. Win or Lose the AV referendum, Cameron will get his larger constituencies. These boundary changes will make more difference in seats than any movement in their share of vote - which could actually grow now the Lib Dems will be tainted by unpopular policies and the Tories helped to seem more human by being associated with the Clegg and co. De-toxify the Tory brand - Cameron will have achieved his aim.

The question is; Is Cameron happy that the raving right of his party is balanced by some Lib dems on the left? I am not so sure Cameron was the moderate he claimed. But he certainly is putting on a good act. We shall have to see if my cynicism is correct.

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