13 May 2010

Pippa Norris - Excellent Take On Electoral Reform

Here is a great scatter graph on the relationship between democracy and electoral systems. Pippa also explains why electoral change can occur.

As she explains, it is a shame that the referendum in the UK doesn't ask if people want reform and then put forward a range of options rather than just offering the one system. But when it comes to the Tories, beggars cannot be choosers, this is about as most as we could have possibly hoped for coming from them. I highly recommend Pippa's blog.


  1. Neil, we agreed a while ago that FPTP with top-up seats was the way to go, and you were duly appointed as Minister for Electoral Reform (and Religious Affairs) in my 'bloggers cabinet.

    SInce then I have rethought all this and decided that the most sellable idea is in fact multi-member constituencies (the big questions are: how many members - two, three, four, whatever?; and whether votes should be cast for a named candidate only or whether you should be able to vote for a party/party list instead?). Just so that you're up to speed when we rock up at Number 10.

    Failing that, AV will do me.

  2. Mark, I was thinking along the same lines - I think about 5-6 members is pretty good - that is an effective threshold of 17-18%. A bit high. Is this something you have discussed with your UKIP mates. UKIP could become a lot more important if we get AV.