06 May 2010

If Cameron Wins, The Minimum Wage will be Frozen plus 25 other bad things the Tories will do.

1. There will be a freeze on the minimum wage (it will stay at a miserable £5.80). Two million workers rely on the MW. Instead of the rise Labour promises in line with earnings that will bring the MW to over £7 an hour, work will once again not pay.
2. The Tories will opt out of the EU social chapter that guarantees 5 weeks holiday pay and better work conditions.
3. Two million agency workers will not now get equal treatment in pay and conditions.
4. Charges for marriage fees, meals on wheels, social care etc will double or even treble!
5. Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers will lose their jobs, including doctors, teachers and police. If you are one of the 6 million public sector workers the Tories might give you the sack!
6. Unemployment will soar to 5 million.
7. VAT will be increased to at least 20%.
8. There will be a return to widespread rioting in our inner cities.
9. The Libel law will remain unchanged.
10. The Electoral system will be made even more unfair. Will your MP get the chop because of boundary enlargement? Only Tory MPs will be safe from the chop.
11. There will be another general election within 18 months.
12. BBC funding will be slashed and Murdoch's empire will be rewarded.
13. The £16m paid to Tories by city bankers will be rewarded by billions from ordinary taxpayers.
14. The rich will get even richer, their taxes will be cut and the lowest paid will see tax rises to compensate.
15. Rather than pay off the national debt, the Tories will reward their wealthy backers with tax cuts.
16. The Tory press will stop being so negative about our country. Magically negative crime stats will disappear from public view.
17. Winter fuel payments will be frozen, tax credits cut back and inequality will accelerate.
18. The NHS will once again have recruitment problems and funding shortfalls will increase.
19. More NHS money will go to pharmaceutical companies to pay for ineffective cancer drugs that NICE has ruled of poor or no value.
20. NHS operations, treatments and appointments will be cut back.
21. Pensioners will find the times when they can use their bus passes will be cut back.
22. Investment in public transport will be slashed. Our roads will become even more clogged with traffic and urban centres more polluted and unpleasant.
23. The North of England will suffer the most.
24. Crime will start to soar, as the Tories make life harder and full time work not enough to live on.
25. The Tories will create hundreds of unelected quangos. Bureaucracy and over-management in public services will actually get worse.
26. We will be marginalised within the EU as Cameron aligns with right wing nutters.

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