13 May 2010

ID Cards & ID register ConDem'd. NO2ID rejoice.

I don't think this will make a blind bit of difference to our civil liberties. It will save some money theoretically but in practise not much, as a lot of money has already been spent, or will be spent in closing it down.

I also think even the ConDem government will embrace new technology in the end. CCTV has had an impact on crime, people are being caught because of it, ditto the DNA database which has not only captured criminals who would never have been caught but actually enhanced our liberties by proving innocence of those already convicted or accused of crimes.

A lot of NO2ID propaganda is about technophobia, not all of it, but a lot. There is far more surveillance by the private sector than by the government. Somehow this is strangely more accepted by NO2ID and the general population. Perhaps its the fact the Tory fanzine press are obsessed with anything negative about a government when their people don't control it and the private companies spend billions to tell us how nice they are in the same Tory press, which buys the media silence.


  1. Labour can present itself to the British people for election when it learns to offer them new freedoms, not take them away. Your unthinking disregard of historic liberties makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Just for the record, I left the Labour party last year. I just don't see the civil liberties problem with ID cards, DNA profile, CCTV etc. I wish someone could explain it to me that makes any sense.