20 April 2010

What Voters Saw In That Debate Has Left Them Utterly Confused

Because it bore no relation to what they read in their newspapers everyday. For once people heard a real debate about the issues. It is pretty clear that people want real change and that 80-85% of adults range from completely hostile to reluctant to support the Tories.

The right wing press has softened up a lot of the swing voters to support the Tories, but deep down voters know that Cameron doesn't offer the change they want.

Since the debate, the right wing press has had to move from its preferred tactic of ignoring the Lib Dems and concentrating its fire on Labour, to reluctantly having to attack Clegg and co. And the attack dogs have been relentless, attacking everything from Clegg's supposed non-Englishness to his supposed 'links' to convicted fraudsters and misrepresenting every Lib Dem policy especially on immigration. An amnesty for illegals is even supported by Boris Johnson - their media darling. Lets see the Tories get out of that one!

It is inevitable that these attacks have dimmed support for Clegg and the Lib Dems. But there are two debates left. Against my better judgement the debates have turned out rather good. The many rules have not stifled the debate and actually made the discussions civilised. For once people had a chance to listen to the arguments.

How Sky and Adam Boulton are going to swing the next one for Cameron and the Tories I do not yet know. But you can bet they will try. Because it is exclusively on Sky news it will have a much smaller audience, so the media aftermath led by the right-wing press will have more of a say - this will benefit Cameron. But Clegg has another chance to make an impact - if he takes it again, expect the Tory establishment to be rocked to the core and go into a frenzy of attacks, but even they might not be able to persuade people they didn't see what they saw with their own eyes. This election is going to be pivitol. Either we get the Tories that hardly anyone wants in power yet again and they strengthen the present status quo, or we get a change in political power, ridding us of this electoral system. People are starting to ask - how can a party in the lead in the vote get half the seats of someone in third place? Electoral reform has become an issue - lets hope we can get real change and get rid of this stupid system.

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