23 April 2010

Sky Rig Camera Angles To Make Cameron Look Good And Clegg Look Bad

Watching the Sky News Leaders Debate - We all know the Murdoch controlled Sky News are desperate to call this one for Cameron. I didn't know how they were going to do it - but look at the debate - what is odd?

I immediately noticed whenever Cameron spoke - the direct close ups with lingering giving him plenty of time to look directly into the camera. Whereas whenever Clegg or Brown spoke, the camera jumped all over the place - never giving Clegg more than a brief couple of seconds face on. Very sneaky and clever of the Tory controlled media. Go on time it.

Yesterday, the newspapers proved it was painfully obvious that we don't live in a democracy - but a ' Tory mediocracy'. Not just the Sun, but the Express, Daily Mail, Daily Star and Telegraph led with Clegg attacks - it was funny. Murdoch at least varied his papers a bit by putting a positive Cameron story on the front page of the Times rather than a negative on Clegg. Adam Boulton even had a go at Clegg in the debate - very impartial!!!

This country's media is a joke - it is the Tories treating us as mugs - Cameron is bullshit.

The only change the Tories will bring us is the pennies in our pockets as we all draw the dole!!!

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