19 April 2010

Tory Press Sets Up Cameron Quote For 2nd Debate

The Telegraph is so transparent. The Tory press are panicking with the Lib Dems heading north of 30% and overtaking the Tories in the Polls. The Mail links their Lib Dem lead story straight to a picture and story of Clegg and talk of a Lib Dem donor allegedly convicted of corruption. The Sun are desperate to avoid talking about the Libs, but know they cannot avoid them, so manipulate a poll about their policies.

Place your bets on Cameron coming out with the line 'You are no Winston Churchill' to Clegg. If I was Clegg I would get in their first by saying from the start that the comparison is ridiculous.

Anyway with the Tories back down at the level of support they had under Michael Howard, lets just hope the 'soft' vote stays with the Lib Dems and doesn't return to Cameron. One thing is sure, this is dangerous times for the old Labservative political elites and their media friends. Murdoch will be upset.

The Tories will turn on Cameron with a ferocity if they fail to get their majority and I really hope that is the case. The majority of people do not want the Tories back in power. Both Labour and Tories deserve to be down below 20%, not just below 30%.

Basically anyone but the Tories. If the Lib Dems can get over 100 seats, then a coalition would have to take them seriously. A 'viral' Lib Dems campaign could yet take the Lib Dems into the high 30s or above. The Tory press will do their best to stop this happening. It petrifies them. Anything that petrifies them has to be good. Lets just hope this vote brings a real electoral system and takes us closer to getting real democracy.

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