17 April 2010

The Nick Clegg Phenomenon

What is going on? My last post is now blown out the water. I have no idea what the latest polls will mean to the results. I do know that this could be a defining moment for our electoral system. To have the 3 main parties vying for first place, within a few points of each other and yet having such ridiculous disparities in the seats allocated is going to really show what sort of failed attempt at a democracy we have. The best news is the Tories back in the low thirties. The Mail on Sunday poll showing the Lib Dems in the lead is truly extraordinary. The Tories wish for change. We might actually get real change if people turn their backs on both the Tories and Labour. Incredible.

Lets just hope the Lib Dems can open up a big lead and lets see the Tories and their press friends try to spin that as a success for plastic Cameron. He has come across as a typical posh Tory because that is precisely what he is. Brown is what he is, and everyone knows what I think of him. Go Nicky!


  1. I note three things:

    1. That was your first post in ages.

    2. You have simplified your blog appearance a lot. I like it better now - it loads more quickly.

    3. You appear to have gone off Labour. The Lib Dems would be just as bad but for different reasons IMHO, but hey. Unless the ALTER gang got the upper hand, now that would be interesting.

  2. 1. I went off blogging for 6 months or so, for various reasons.

    2. Glad you like the blog layout - I have took down the video bar which has speeded it up.

    3. I went off Labour a long time ago, I left the party in August last year. I toyed with joining the Greens, but decided against it for the time being. I am a realist. What I really want to see is real change and a proper democratic electoral system. To get that I would vote Labour in some circumstances, Lib Dem in others and will probably vote Green this time as they are closest to my views. Anything to stop the Tories.