30 March 2010

Esther: Tell Us Your Voting History!

My problem with Esther Rantzen standing for parliament, in fact my problem with most independent candidates is they seem to think it is reasonable to not have any policies at all.

The most important question is - who have you voted for? I imagine she votes, so who was it in 2005 for example? Is she a disgruntled non-voter, Tory, Labour, Liberal or other? These things matter - they give us an immediate picture of her politics.

Where does she stand on the big issues? On Trident, the EU, and most importantly on redistribution of wealth. Where should public service cuts and/or tax cuts or rises be made? Is she a 'small stater', socialist or what?

Are people supposed to vote for her just because she is famous, seems nice and is off the telly? It seems so.

At least with some vacuous party hack we have some idea of which way they will lean on certain policies. Esther gives us no indication - this seems even more undemocratic. She has already stated she will take the full MPs pay and expenses, so what is the point of electing her?

Esther says she hopes there will be a 'dozen or so' independents in the new parliament. Quite simply there won't be more than 1 or 2. Their influence will be minimal. In Esther's case it seems thankfully so, thats if she does manage to get elected. Lets hope not.


  1. Rantzen "seems nice"? I don't think so!

  2. PZT: I take your point. I was sort of paraprasing the media sycophancy of Esther when I wrote 'nice'.