21 March 2010

Conflicted In Brighton Pavilion? John Harris Investigates.

If I still lived in Brighton Pavilion, I would find it a difficult decision to decide who to vote for. Nancy Platts is an excellent Labour candidate on the left of the party and personally very likeable. Caroline Lucas another great candidate in a offbeat party that nonetheless very much shares my views on equality and the environment.

John Harris investigates in this Guardian Film

Personally I still think Caroline will win by around 3,000 votes and that even if the Labour/Green vote (combined was 57% last time) splits right down the middle the Tories cannot win with just 27% support. Sorry Nancy, its close, but I would plump for the Greens better policies. The idea of propping up Bully Brown is only attractive to stop a Tory being elected, no matter how good the local Labour candidate is, a Green will bring a breath of fresh air to Westminster that is badly needed.

Here is my previous post outlining vote shares and with my prediction for the Brighton Pavilion result on May 6th.

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