20 August 2009

Churnalism And BBC Bashing

Great article in this week's Private Eye:-
"Comic tearaway Dennis the Menace has been turned into Walter the Softy by politically correct BBC bosses", roared the Sun in a fit of silly-season rage last week. "Dennis is no longer slippered by his dad as a punishment".
"The Beano character has been 're-imagined' for a new politically correct series," thundered the equally outraged Mail.
This Dennis the Menace was presumably unrelated to the Dennis the Menace who the Daily Mail reported in July 2008 had "swapped corporal punishment for political correctness", or the one who the Sun noted in October 2007 was "returning to TV after a decade - with a politically correct image". Or even the one who appeared in what the Sun claimed was "The Beano: New and Seriously Politically Correct" in July 2003. Or even the 58 year old character who has not received a slippering from his father since the Beano removed corporal punishment from its pages in, er, the early 1980s.

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