09 July 2009

The News Of The World And The 'Dark Arts'

Cameron is getting his fingers burnt for hiring Andy Coulson from the NOTW, who was master at what Fleet Street call 'the dark arts'.

The Murdoch press were the first and the others have followed - some of the worst offenders are those who revel in their supposedly high morals and calls for stiffer sentences for those who break the law - the Daily Mail and Telegraph, yet turn a blind eye to their own bribery, corruption and blackmail in their reporter ranks.

Nick Davies book 'Flat Earth News' has a whole chapter on what are known as 'the dark arts' - hiring private detectives and 'freelancers' to use 'any means necessary' to gain the dirt on celebrities and other public figures and then the papers denying al knowledge when they are caught out.

So we have 'Benji the Binman' trauling celebrities bins, bent coppers selling info off the national police database and regular tipping off reporters for cash of juicy stories, hacking into health records and illegal phone tapping.

Does anyone ever get convicted for these offences? - a few PIs and freelancers have served a few months - but generally no, and the papers ALWAYS get away scott free.

One of the worst offenders was NOTW editor Andy Coulson, now employed by David Cameron and the Conservatives - he makes Alistair Campbell look like a saint. Hopefully these latest phone tapping revelations will cause maximum discomfort to Cameron and reveal him for the shifty PR man he is. Cameron is an expert in faking sincerity and honesty.

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