09 July 2009

'CoulsonGate' Has Everything.

Murdoch's News Group suppressing evidence and paying off Gordon Taylor.
Police complicit in helping their favourite news group - Murdoch, by refusing to release details to people who had been tapped.
Bribery, phone tapping, targeting left-wing politicians.
Andy Coulson, judged a bully, quit to avoid PCC evidence embarrassing his boss - Murdoch.
Another bully - David Cameron hires Andy Coulson despite knowing he is a criminal.
David Cameron was crap at his job and bullied his staff while at Carlton TV and lost them a fortune on digital TV.
Cameron worked in PR, Coulson works in PR.
Cameron shrugs off calls for Coulson to go.
Tories spin the whole thing as 'politically motivated'.
Tories hack into Derek Draper emails and reveal he was gonna call them names and this is not politically motivated.
Tories and their press friends actually bug people and harass people and break the law.

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