02 June 2009

Neither Labour Nor Tory Deserve Our Vote On June 4th.

As a Labour party member I am compelled to say vote Labour on June 4th. But only people with the political equivalent of a full frontal lobotomy could vote Labour or Tory on June 4th and not feel extreme shame.

The expenses furore has hopefully done democracy in this country a big favour. People know that there is something wrong with the way we elect our MPs, it is not just a 'few bad apples' that can be cleared out by another general election, as the Tory press desperately want us to believe. We know we need proper reform - we need equal votes. Another general election under this system will just elect another load of crooks (so far over 60% of MPs have been caught fiddling).

Thankfully, MEPs will be elected to the European parliament on June 4th by a proportional system (albeit closed list and a high threshold).

People can vote Green, UKIP and Lib Dem and know they will be represented according to how many votes they get - YOUR VOTE WILL REALLY COUNT.

If the opinion polls are right, the BNP will fail to get any MEPs, as on 7% nationally, they will fail to get over the 9% they need, although it could be very close in the North West region, which is why every vote for other parties is so crucial to keeping them out.

Vote Green if you want a left of centre alternative to Labour and want to punish Labour for the expenses scandal.

Vote UKIP if you want a right of centre alternative to the Tories and want to punish them (although UKIP have their own expenses scandals).

The Greens have overtaken UKIP in some polls (although you wouldn't realise that by reading the Tory press who are keeping quiet about it).

Speaking of Tory press, the Sun has finally allowed itself to back the Tories in name as well as in policy (the Sun never backed Labour - it always argued against public spending on the NHS etc and liberal social policies - it did 'back Blair' and Back Gordon' nominally at least, but that is not the same thing). It has been itching to say vote Tory for some years now, but been unable to back a loser. Now it is confident the Tories will win the next general election it can safely back them.

The Sun also backs Gordon Brown to stay as Labour leader, which should tell us as a party all we need to know. We have to get rid of Brown if we are to avoid sinking even lower than the pitiful 18% in the polls and possible FOURTH place we are facing. The Sun's support will unfortunately give them a poll boost. Hopefully the Sun isn't as influential as it was.


  1. "neither ... nor", actually.

  2. carrybag man2/6/09 5:29 pm

    Never thought that I would see you agreeing with Tebbitt !!!!

  3. Mark, will edit that. I was unsure, cheers.

  4. cbm: These are strange times indeed!

  5. Trooper Thompson2/6/09 8:55 pm

    Wot about No to EU: Yes to Democracy?

  6. TT: Bob Crow is little better than UKIP. They are both wrong. I am pro-EU and the sooner we join the Euro the better.