02 June 2009

Bob Piper Even Lies About How Many Votes He Got.

I have left this comment in response to Bob's fraudulent claim to have got over 50% of the vote in his ward.
"Bob, you are a liar (or you can't count) - how many votes did you get? You said you got over 50% so would have won under any system - wrong!

There were 1663 votes against you and you got 1592 votes. Don't you even check your own results you arrogant git?

When you can't even tell the truth about that, what can we believe?

Does this mean you are now going to stand down, as most people voted against you in this ward (unlike your Labour colleagues in the ward who did get over 50% of the vote)? Democrat, my arse!
Bob, you didn't know the expenses furore was about MP's allowances, you write plain untruths about PR, you claim I don't pay your allowances when actually 80% of it comes from central government taxes. You are a prize idiot and a total wanker.


  1. Neil... have you fallen in love with me? You really need to get over this fixation you have. It is unhealthy. I know these affections manifest themselves in very weird and extreme ways.

    Perhaps you could go to counselling.

  2. Bob, how many votes did you get. You are a compulsive liar - you have been caught out.

    Keep the insults coming - you are angry because I have caught you telling porkies.