15 May 2009

Prime Ministerial, My Ar**!

The Tory press are trying to big up Mr Cameron as 'prime ministerial' because a couple of his MPs and shadow ministers have promised to pay back a little of what they have robbed from us.

Cameron with his 20k mortgage interest at our expense and his 140k salary at our expense is only looking good in comparison to Gordon Brown who has put in a woeful performance. Cameron is not looking prime ministerial unless to look like a PM you have to be a cocky arrogant git as incompetent as the present incumbent.

All MPs on the scam should not get away with this and that includes slimy Cameron and Osbourne. Why has Julie Kirkbride got away with claiming for a second home her husband also claimed for, for example? QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS this pair of Tory no goods have cost us taxpayers!!

How could cleaning your moat, repairing your tennis courts and swimming pools and sheer tax avoidance ever be 'wholly necessary' for being an MP? Only if you were a crook would it be necessary. In fact does it surprise anyone that on the Labour benches Tony McNulty, Hazel Blears and Gordon Brown are crooks and that Tories like Hogg, Kilbride, Cameron and countless others are crooks. It is always the slimy right wing types in both the Labour and Tory party likely to be on the fiddle. To be fair to the Lib Dems, their dubious claims only involve a few hundred quid not thousands or even millions in some cases.

It is a real shame these expenses claims only go back to 2005 when apparently the 'rules were tightened', god knows what the dodgy Tory ministers were claiming for in the 80s and 90s from when Thatcher changed the rules!! I wonder whether David Mellor would sound so moral on radio 5 if that were known.

The real shame is that we don't have a proportional system which gives power back to voters. Under the present system MPs like Douglas Hogg and his moat will survive while Celia Barlow and Martin Salter - hard working MPs who have not claimed a penny, will lose their seats

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