15 December 2008

The Tories Suddenly Love Social Democrat...Germans!!

A finance minister from Germany with a public debt/GDP ratio of 65% has just criticised the UK government with a debt/GDP ratio of 43% for...wait for it - borrowing too much.

The Tories think this tells us something.

It does - Germans can talk shit just as much as the Tories do.

I know most of the top Tories spend large amounts of time abroad dodging UK taxes and running the UK economy into the mud betting on foreign exchanges and short selling their hedge funds, but this must be a first - when did the Tories last agree with the Germans on anything? Oh except for supporting Hitler in the run up to the war (No Lord Rothermere of the Daily Mail group, we lefties will never let you forget your 'hurrah for the Blackshirts' headlines and appeasing Hitler propaganda).


  1. Let's not forget that the Germans just put up their version of VAT. They'd look a little stupid praising Gordon for reducing ours, right?

    That's another thing the Tories and the Germans have in common, come to think of it. The Tories love to put up VAT.

    (Sore point with you Neil, but facts are facts!)

  2. You are the last person in the world to accuse anybody of talking shit. Pot, kettle.

    You conveniently ignore the 900 billion public pension debt and the PFI thats hidden under the carpet.

  3. LM: there is nothing wrong with the VAT cut per se - it will help. But the £20bn could have been spent much more wisely - for instance on much needed high speed rail or building houses. Most of the VAT cut is gonna go to foreign companies as we spend more on imports.